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Need advice


In a nut shell, 60, diagnosed 11/2 yrs ago, gleeson7-9,psa6.

Had radical surgery, found some in small lymph node. Bone good. Psa went to about 1.2 and placed on casodex. Psa climbed to 4. Had radiation 38 treats.switched to md Anderson. Psa now went to 6. Took me off casodex and gave me 3 month lupron. Just had 6 week psa which is back down to 1.2. They want to give me another shot of lupron a little earlier now. They also mentioned leucon? Is the lupron safe? I’ve seen a lot of law suits against it. Is leucon better? Does anyone try cannibis oil along with? I’m not sure why I’m not doing two drugs yet . Seems like I’m very confused lol- help

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Leucon ?? Are you sure you heard that correctly ??

"Adenine, one of the purine bases in nucleic acids and a stimulating ; agent for-hematopoiesis, was administered to 7 patients wtth cancer of the cervix ; uteri, who were treated with x rays. The patients were irradiated every day ; except Sunday with a dose of 400 r and at the same time given adenine (leucon), ; 50 mg per day. Changes in blood were followed up in respect to content of ; hemoglobin, number of erythrocytes and leukocytes as well as the percentage of ; neutrophilic leukocytes and lymphocytes. Number of leukocytes decreased at a ; minimum when the dose of x rays reached 4000 to 5000 r and thereafter showed ; tendency to increase, the data seemingly indicate that adenine did not prevent ; leukocytes to decrease, but affected their recovery after a decrease. Adenine ; also caused the recovery of the percentage of neutrophils and lymphocytes to the ; normal level. (Abstr. Japan Med., 2: No. 11, Nov. 1982);"

Lupron is chemical castration. it's as simple as that. The drug itself is safe enough. It's the reaction to being castrated that brings the lawsuits..It's used because it's still the most effective treatment for advanced prostate cancer..As long as it's working by itself, there is little reason to add a second drug..When it stops working, they will add Zytiga or Xtandi, both VERY expensive. Some new research suggests that starting these drugs early, the benefit seems to last longer..But none of this stuff offers a cure, it just buys more time..

spm58 in reply to Fairwind

Thankyou Fairwind

I at least feel more at ease now with lupron. Is burning stomach a side effect?


What a battle you’ve been in..

My major side effect from the lupron/eligard shots has been hot flashes and sweats. A generic anti-depressant, venlafaxine, is a prescription medicine that has been a blessing for me. It stops about 90% of the hot flashes. Ask for it.

Then in the long term there is the risk of osteoporosis. For this, consider getting a Prolia shot every 6 months.

Kell_11 in reply to tallguy2

Hi tallguy, my doc gave me venlafaxine too but they don't seem to help much. Mine are 75 mg. once a day.

tallguy2 in reply to Kell_11

OK, that's my dosage, too. Sorry it hasn't helped you.

Kell_11 in reply to tallguy2

Im gonna call the doc and see if I can take 2 a day.

Dear spm58,

Please tell me what Leucon is? According to the dictionary it is either a character in Greek mythology or a sponge. But I am guessing you are referring to something different.

I am surprised to learn about lawsuits against the makers of Lupron. Admitted, about 20 years ago Abbott and Takada (in join partnership) got nailed with major fines in the USA for how they marketed Lupron. But you wrote, "I’ve seen a lot of law suits against it [Lupron]". Can you send me the reference to those specific cases? Also were they resolved on the side of the patient or the pharmaceutical company?

I am sure that many people have tried "cannibis oil along with...[Lupron]", presumable to improve their mood? However there is no clinical evidence I know of that cannabinoids taken with any androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) significantly improve cancer control.

As for managing ADT side effects, we have in Canada a free program, with research backing it, that can significantly raise patients self-efficacy in managing ADT side effects. [See:]

j-o-h-n in reply to Wassersug

Leucon is a Greek who's name was cut short from George Leuconpappastamatopoulos who's a sponge diver that lives in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Thursday 11/22/2018 10:02 PM EST

spm58 in reply to Wassersug

Wassersug my appologies, it was left on voice message and when played auto correct missed the spelling along with my understanding. It was in fact lupron.

I would try cannabis also. There are good stories about the mix Lupron and cannabis (google Dennis Hill and Alan Park), and it helps with the side effects of radiation or chemo. But you should have 2 oils (one high CBD and one high THC) and take 2 hours apart in a ratio of 2:1 cbd:thc. More info at CKC facebook group.

TireGuy in reply to Myriammole

Sorry, but what is "CKC Facebook group"? I can't find it on FB.

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