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Is this bad ?? Or too early to say ??


My earlier radiation and ADT treatments having failed, I underwent chemo on the 23rd of October. I did a PSA test yesterday and my reading was 9.383. My previous PSA reading on the 8th of October was 8.7.

So, a week after chemo my PSA actually went up (though not by much) instead of falling.

Is this bad or too early to say ? I plan my next PSA test on the 9th of November. My next chemo session is due on the 13th of November.

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It may be good. Chemo, if working as hoped, kills prostate cancer cells releasing their PSA into the serum. Eventually the PSA from the dead cells clears away.

Thank you, Tall_Allen, for those insights. Absolutely invaluable.

And, so easy to comprehend as well. Thanks again and cheers !!

"Those pesky cancer cells getting the last laugh in while they die" :-)

Excellent imagery, Bill68, thank you very much.

i get confused when people say next chemo test. i've been on zytiga pills and thats chemo through pills. if yours is a chemo iv, or what patience is the number. my zytiga when i could get it worked to lower mine to 5 forawhile. when i changed again i went to PROVENGE which lowers one psa somewhat but what it is good for is to build up ones strength and health which means u stay healthier and live longer.

I said my "next PSA test & next chemo session". The PSA test is a blood test & the chemo session is an IV session.

"i've been on zytiga pills and thats chemo through pills"-----I am still a novice in these matters but I very much doubt that zytiga is chemo through pills.

Thank you for the information on Provenge.

Cheers !!

when u get the 30 day supply it comes double bag with chemo written on it so to me its chemo. iv chemo is way to early for iv chemo. been fighting this for 10 years and its still zytiga until i just finished PROVENGE that works on entercellus prostrate cells when they are borned. zytiga is the adult prostrate cells.

Abiraterone (Zytiga) is a hormone therapy drug. It is a treatment for cancer that has spread to other parts of ones body. Over and out.

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