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NBC TV Cancer special


Friday night on NBC I watched a TV special Stand Up To Cancer(Sup2c)

The program appeared to be the typical star studded fund raiser.

This program however had two segments that were targeting all cancer patients for clinical trials.I sent them an email and was promised a response in one business day.It appears the fund raising arm works with a number of cancer research organizations.

My particular treatment has my PSA moving from 180 to 412 just as I I am about to complete my 6th round of Docetaxel.

I am looking for compatible trials.

My question is has anyone worked with this group?

How does the money flow?Do they only want me if I have insurance they like?

Please share any experience or info.

Stay strong


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To find clinical trials in your area, try clinicaltrials.gov

If you are still in the Boca Raton area, here's a narrowed-down link to actively recruiting clinical trials in nearby Miami involving metastatic prostate cancer. Maybe discuss them with your oncologist, and if one looks promising, then consult with the clinical trial coordinator and the trial site specialists who will review your trial acceptance criteria status, and other factors such as insurance, if needed.


Good luck to you as you continue to seek medical advice and possible referrals to find all your feasible/possible next treatment/trial options.


My experience was that the trial paid for everything except the drugs I was on prior to trial.

However I had to leave trial due to side effects were so strong I fell from weakness and broke my arm!

I was out that evening and missed that program. I wonder if they will repeat it. Maybe I should look on YouTube?

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