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I have questions about the connection between oxygen and magnesium. We are looking at creating more oxygen in the cells. I've read where magnesium hold onto the oxygen in the cells. What about the balance of calcium .. Does anyone see a problem with taking magnesium without calcium?

We've considered a hyperbaric chamber, but for us, decided that we don't want to introduce it because it may cause instability... we don't know... we usually look at what's the risk..

Another way that I've seen are the masks that people wear while peddling or exercising. Anyone doing this?

Exercise will get more oxygen into the cells along with massage therapy.

Apparently, it's the cells that become deficient... it's not the lungs.. and just breathing.. the question is, how to get oxygen into the cells...



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You can get IV C which will put a lot of C into the blood stream, but not necessarily into the cells. Or you can use liposomal C which is a phospholipid coating C which will more easily get into the cells due to the cell membrane also having a phospholipid makeup. You can google up Vit C and cancer treatment to see how it actually works to help with cancer treatment.

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arete1105, thank you for your response..

We have done vit C IV's for a long time.. with K and quercitin.. it is another option though, there is a lot of question how long this stays in the bloodstream...

the lipsomal C is problematic for me because of having to use lecithin..

I'm really careful about lecithin...

do you know a way to use C throughout the day without adding anything except the C..

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If you don't want to make your own, here is a product that is already made, which ITCandy supports. livonlabs.com/cgi-bin/start...

arete1105 in reply to arete1105

I made a mistake- this product does come from soy lecithin.

arete1105 in reply to Bluebird11

Here is more info re: soy & lecithin. Lecithin does come from soy, but the amount of soy is very little, so generally speaking, if you don't have a major problem with soy, you won't have any allergy problems with soy.

I did speak to the livonlabs company and they said their soy was non gmo. They can't claim it is organic.

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I meant to include this in my above post.

"Even If You're Allergic to Soy. ... Still, some people with extreme soy allergies may react to it, so those who are highly sensitive are cautioned against it. Soy lecithin is a generally safe food additive. Because it is present in such small amounts in food, it's unlikely to be harmful.Mar 18, 2015"

I know I haven't looked back at why I chose not to use lecithin... which I should have done before posting...

It's the lecithin...

we don't like the soy either..

we aren't purists.. but for the most part we try to eat foods that have good nutrition, trying to stay away from grains that have residual of roundup in them.. even our baby food grains have been coming up with residual chemicals from roundup...

But, more to my question and point is, what if we just used the vitamin C throughout the day... is it the emulsification of the C created by the lecithin that takes the C into the cells..?

We are trying to oxygenate his cells more. His readings aren't bad at all.. a little on the low side of 96... I think he hit 94 but when he'd breath it would go up. A doctor once told me it is getting the oxygen in and out through the cell walls that is a challenge...

Has anyone done any deep research on hyperbaric..

We are thinking if things go downhill we would take the risk.. since I heard it could go either way... thanks very much... keep on .. keepin' on.. and grateful for this community of beautiful people... genie

My husband’s integrative oncologist suggested Ozone insufflations which gets oxygen to the source...it’s taken rectally. This is one of the tools in the cancer fighting toolbox.

Our conventional oncologist mentioned to us that he has a patient who refused to use Lupron (this man is an M.D.) and he is keeping his PSA down with the Ketogenic diet & hyperbaric chamber. The patient is wealthy enough to buy one of his own.

We have not done it yet, but we are seriously looking at doing this in the very near future.

Magnesium and calcium go together. My husband is on a raw food multi vitamin, magnesium oxide, and a calcium supplement...among many other supplements.

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Rectal Ozone? ..... Quack. Quack. Quack. Quack.

Advo__cate in reply to ctarleton

Medical Oncologist & naturopath is for it.

One can respectively disagree without the sarcasm.


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OK. Here is a related article, citing some real-world FDA protective legal interventions for similar treatments and machines and claims involving rectal/vaginal ozone.


Advo__cate in reply to ctarleton

Ok. I’ve been here about 24 hours. It may be time for my speedy exit.

No one needs extra stress from such comments when looking for support. You don’t have to agree. The M.D. is for it, my husband feels relief from it, so he uses it.


PLEASE PLEASE do not leave. There are many people on this site. I've been on it for the past 10 years prior to this new format.

These are people trials. They do help. Not everyone is in the same place, and many people will not do one thing that is considered 'alternative'...

WE DO!!!!!! So Please continue because there are many of us here, from every direction of treatment and every stage of prostate cancer. I learn from EVERYONE.

In FACT, I probably learn more about what we are NOT willing to do. We are risk/reward .. my husband was diagnosed 11 1/2 years ago with metastatic cancer and he was one of the younger ones- 55.

We have worked hard. We've done so many things. We don't regret anything.

BTW... we do have an OZONE machine.. we have to set it up. Get good advice on how to use it. Less often is more/or better.. meaning we'd take a slow start.

Also, we are looking into and very serious about Hydrogen/Oxygen/CO2 therapy.

So, hang tight.. there are plenty of supportive people here who will also protect you from people who may be having a really bad day.

I feel for ALL of us. WE work really hard. It's the world at large on one site called Health Unlocked.

My sincerest heartfelt wishes for you and your husband.



have you looked into EWOT, exercise with oxygen therapy?

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