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What next when Zytiga fails?


Diagnosed at 46; stage 4 Gleason 9/10; chemo and radiation, Lupron; surgery was not an option. 1st recurrence 9 mo after chemo/rad hell - moved to bone more targeted radiation (game of whack-a-mole). 1000 mg Zytiga and 5 mg pred for 11 months now. Now 48 and 2 1/2 years onto this twist in the trail. I’m seeing slight signals my PSA may be rising again. What’s next when Zytiga fails?

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Hi Chugach. I was also diagnosed with Stage 4 at 47. My first PSA was 1882 it was all in my lymph system and most all my bones. I have had chemo, Provence, hormone shoot every 6 months, casodex every day. Keep a good attitude and keep fighting. Sorry I can not post more now. Just wanted you to know there are others like you out here. I will try to post more latter after work.

Xtandi, Provenge (Immunotherapy), Radium 223 (Xofigo) if in the bones, Chemo again with Docetaxel and Jevtana which sometimes can even re-activate for a while the effects of Zytiga and Xtandi, just get a PET PSMA scan for more targeted therapies and drugs and ask your MO for Lutetium 177 (Lutathera), also you can try BAT but I heard it doesn't work for everyone and might even cause some troubles, so it's risky.

Dad just started Zytiga 3 months ago and takes it with prednisone and Lupron shots every 3 months.

So far so good, he had surgery, Casodex and pre-chemo with Docetaxel, was able to tolerate everything, has currently no side effects and feels pretty well.

Keep fighting, also ask your MO for clinical trials, there's a lot of stuff available out there, new meds are coming out everyday.

Good Thursday Afternoon Chugach,

Been in this battle for six years (please see bio for complete treatment history).

Have you had a Guardant360 liquid biopsy (takes 2 vials of blood). I have had 4 and 1 showed an ATM defect permitting Dr. Charles "Snuffy" Myers to prescribe Lynparza, a PARP inhibitor, which worked for about 9 months.

Most recently Docetaxel/Carboplatin chemo reset cancer cells and a rechallenge with Xtandi has worked for 5 months, even though it had failed back in 2015-16 after 12 months.

Best wishes. Never Give In.

Mark, Atlanta

You have received excellent suggestions above but no mention of complementary medicine (natural supplement) strategies compatible with leading edge oncology. Here are some thoughts to consider:


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