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Update- new treatment plan and a sprinkle of hope


Hello all. I hope you’re all enjoying the summer as much as possible. I just wanted to share an update on my dad’s treatment plan. He’d failed Zytiga in 8 months and of course, we were deeply concerned. His scans showed a couple of new spots, but improvement in some others and no spread to organs. His oncologist at the Cle clinic is putting him into a clinical trial which involves Xtandi and another agent (can’t recall the name). He’s tapering off of prednisone and Zytiga and will be starting in a week. He has been feeling pretty good. His back pain is tolerable and his weight is steady. He’s still active. His oncologist shared that he looks at the whole picture and timing of agents used before deciding on treatment regimen. Apparently, he did not feel chemo was necessary yet. There were two other clinical trials available at the clinic (immunology based) however, my father could not qualify because they’d required prior treatment with chemo. The oncologists comment “you have a long road ahead” left my mother, siblings and myself in a stream of thankful tears when he left the room.

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More than a sprinkle of hope. 💕

Best for continued successes!

Best of Luck in the Trial.


Could this be the Trial he's in?


If so, this might show some of the patient side effects in the prior Phase I safety Trial, involving 47 initial human participants, if your father should get on the experimental combination drugs arm of the trial instead of the Xtandi plus placebo arm.


Stumpgirl in reply to ctarleton

Probably. It’s a nationwide trial. I’ll find out more next week. I’m praying he does as well with Xtandi as he did with Xytiga


Thank you so much for posting!!! My dad is in a similar situation and this gives me so much hope. I hope and pray that everything works great for him with the trial.

Best of Luck in the trial, He has many options left, please keep us posted. I did xtandi after zytiga and had good years.

There is an awful lot of positive in your post, Thank You for sharing!


Patrick-Turner in reply to Dan59

Some men are able to change from Zytiga to Xtandi and get more time of Pca suppression. But the switch is not allowed here in public hospitals, and when my Zytiga

failed to work for me, maybe because my body found a way to stop it working, I was not allowed to try Xtandi. But meanwhile many bone mets showed up and doctors and I decided I begin chemo because these mets would only keep growing as they have already even while the ADT + Zytiga kept Psa relatively low for years since 2010 when I began ADT.

I start Docetaxel next week. I might get more years, or only 6 months Like I have seen with friends, so I don't know whether to feel positive or not because I cannot see any reasons yet.

Please keep us updated . I will include you in my prayers 🙏🏻

Hope things go well for your Dad.

Just a little thing,

He didn’t fail Zytiga, Zytiga failed him.

I know it sounds trite but words can be hurtful and there is enough for him to deal with. feeling that he failed something is not accurate or far

God walks beside you. It's a roller coaster and I've found you have to just hang on and have faith.

Hard to type with my fingers crossed.

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Friday 07/13/2018 9:59 PM EDT

How is your Dad doing now with Xtandi and the other agent? Every Dad needs a daughter like you.

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