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PSA getting lower 3 months after HDR and my last ebeam


I had ebeam and HDR brachytherapy concurrently starting last March finished early April 2018. 25 ebeam and 2 HDR. I opted out of hormone therapy and prostate surgery. My PSA was 40 before I started treatments and at one month after it was 20 and now 3 months it's at 15.7. I feel good about the latest results and for the first time feel like I am going to beat this cancer. I still have minor symptoms but I feel like I am getting better. I have read it can take up to two years after HDR for your PSA to return to normal.. a slow roll as they say..

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This is a good trend and most importantly you are feeling good. I am hoping with you that it continues down.

Hi Mabrachon

I had 2 HDR treatments in May of this year. My first blood test will be in September. What the medical team told me is consistent with what you have read. The PSA number takes a slow gradual decent. You are going in the right direction which is great news. There isn't a lot of Brachytherapy info on this site so lets stay in touch.

Thanks for the reply CaCruiser.. I hope your number goes down as well. Ca, California?

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