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ADT & Overall Mortality in Prostate Brachytherapy Patients With Low Pretreatment Testosterone.


New study below [1].

{It has been recognize for a while that men with PCa tend to have lower testosterone [T] at diagnosis compared to matched men without PCa, & that men with the lowest T have a poorer prognosis.}

"To evaluate whether the use of androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) in prostate brachytherapy patients impacts overall mortality (OM) in patients with lower pretreatment serum testosterone levels compared with those with normal or high baseline serum testosterone."

"ADT use in men with lower baseline testosterone was associated with a significantly higher risk of {overall mortality}"

"Men with lower baseline testosterone may be at increased risk of premature death when ADT is utilized compared with men with baseline normal or higher testosterone."

There is a trend in the aging male for estradiol [E2] to rise as T falls. A number of researchers in non-PCa areas have found the E2:T ratio to be a more significant risk factor than E2 & T individually. ADT should bring E2 along with T, but will not reverse the metabolic issues induced by an elevated E2:T ratio.

It's not clear how a doctor or patient might use the results of this study.



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Hey Patrick, you just wrote one of my Prime Theories--the E2-T ratio, we have discussed in person--we are in the same pew on this subject of low T, high E2, and Pca risks.


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