Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Diagnosed Jan. 2017 with a PSA of 317 Stage 4

With a Gleesonscore of 9. I have several bone Mets and lymph nodes involved. Stage 4. I then immediately began Lupron injections and Taxotere (6 treatments). In October i completed 26 radiation therapy treatments (IMRT/VMAT) of the prostate (nothing else). I am on continuous Lupron. My PSA has dropped to .208

Am experiencing the typical side effects of Lupron , especially fatigue, but have found that acupuncture has completely eliminated my hot flashes. I now get two treatments a week. I will soon start taking BIRM to see if it alleviates my fatigue. I have researched BAT and Testosterone replacement therapy and LU-177 and all the clinical trials involved with each. Please let me know if you are having success with any more supplements!


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Great response to the treatments so far. The only supplement that I think is worthwhile is sulforaphane. But you have to eat some raw broccoli with it to get the enzyme that allows it to become bioavailable. Heat destroys the enzyme in the food as well as in the extraction process for the pills they sell.

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Thanks for the info on raw broccoli. Just last week I heard a UCSF oncologist recommend cruciforous vegetable, nuts, fish, processed tomatoes, and no processed meats.


See posts by Nalakrats who is also a BIRM enthusiast. Look into vitamin K + nattokinase.


Thanks. Will do research on Vit K and nattokinase.


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