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Question about timing and sequencing of supplements


Now that the number of my medications are growing because of the added supplements, I'd love to hear how members incorporate the supplements into their daily intake, e.g. with or without food, timing (morning/lunch/dinner) and sequence or order (what to take with what, etc).

I'm taking Zytiga (middle of the night) and prednisone (after dinner).

I will have the followings added: Metformin, Lipitor, Flowmax, K, D3, Aspirin, probiotics, Citrus Pectin (as a side note, I like Patrick's method of adding this powder to water for a few minutes and stirring and drinking it best).

Right now I take everything at night before bed.

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I use an app called "medisafe" on my iPhone to keep up with my meds and supplements. It has 4 virtual pill boxes (morning, afternoon, evening, and night). You add the meds to these boxes, the time you wish to take them, and the dosage. For example, you could have a med in the afternoon pillbox with a reminder to take it at 2:00 pm and another med in the same box with a reminder to take it at 3:00 pm. There is also a button called "take all" so that you do not have to go through each one individually and check it off. The app has a reminder that sounds like someone rattling a pill box. I found it very useful when I started because I went from literally taking nothing to taking a fistful of vitamins, supplements, and alternative treatments every day. Good luck!

Follow instructions on all your bottles if food they tell you if not, you can do with or without food, your choice: I do have reasons to do each that can be a choice, but these are my reasons, I cannot make scientific papers out of everything--and I do not like Patrick's way with the pectin dilution, and then drinking it. I prefer my method----I take the scoop and throw it to the back of my throat, and slam down about 4 ounces of water to get it down. I intuitively have my reasons--ain't going to argue--that is what I do.


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Thanks Nal. My question is not about reading the labels. We all can do that I’m sure. The question is about timing and sequencing, e.g., am I better off taking D3 with metformin in the morning, or with statin at night. With new drugs and supplements added, the number of permutations increases obviously. Maybe I’m overthinking it, but I thought there maybe enough collective experience to use as guidance. “No” is a perfectly acceptable answer.

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D3 and Metformin can be taken after a meal together--D3 is an oil soluble, and will take its time getting ingested fully--Metformin it says take with food---there is also an Extended release Metformin, but you take with food to protect stomach. You can take D3 without food--see what I mean---have to make your own program.


If I were you, I would take the prednisone first thing in the morning, it's this steroid that's meant to give you lift to face the day.


I dont have much info but

Our dr told us to not take milk , greek yoghurt etc (dairy) at least 1 hour prior taking vit d3.

Best wishes

I gave up dairy completely after I was diagnosed. Oat beverage is delicious, better than cow's milk. Almond milk is pretty good. No soy products. Sadly, no coconut.. The no-no's here are evidence-based.

I follow the directions. Metformin, K, D3 & aspirin are taken with meals. So is O3. Probiotics are taken on an empty stomach. After reading 1 of the posts above, I'm going to figure out which of my supplements are antioxidants & eliminate them. I'm currently taking supplements when I get up, during breakfast & dinner, & at bedtime (melatonin).

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