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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Foods/supplements: can you please share your integrative protocol if you do take vitamins and supplements?

I have general knowledge on supplements,and believe it will be necessary to help my dad get through chemo easier and strengthen his immune system . I understand that any supplements noted dictate personal experience and that no one is giving medical advice ,and I will diligebtly do my research on suggestuons from fellow healers. I've heard conflicting theories 1. Use no supplements as the doctors want the body to be as weak as can be for the chemo to work 2.) That this is a ridiculous statement because one wants to protect friendly cells and all organs. If you name a supplement please just put what for. For example milk thistle :protect liver. I If there are supplements that help chemo work or protect the body for it or specifically help with exhaustion and lack of sleep , or to keep the body in condition to fight specifically prostate cancer. My dear friend emailed me this list I will share but I also want to hear from men that first hand can say this made a difference for me or here's what helped me through. In any event I hope we can evaluate this integrative aspect, as some have proposed. Ty for sharing your supplement protocols. Following is one persons protocol. Happy healing to all.

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By Angel Howerton


People ask me all the time Angel what can we take while doing chemo or radiation? For 90 % of you you can safely take the supplements listed below

Keep body alkaline Drink lemon water and juice



Alpha Lapolic Acid

Milk Thistle

Turmeric (Curcumin)


Bata Glucan



Vit D



Co q10

Mushroom Complex


Whole food Vit C


Cell Food



B Complex

Essiintial oils : Francensence, Lavender, Pepperment, Cypress, Tangerine

One cup a day of Essiac tea

NAUSEA ; Ginger, Peppermint tea Caraway seed, Homeopathic's: Sodium Phos, Nux vomica, Ipecacuanha

Acupressure bracelets are great too

PAIN: Magnesium gel, Turmeric, MSM. Arnica, Pepperment oil

Francensence oil

ANEMIA : Black strap molasses, Hemaplex, Ferrum Phos cell salts from Hylands, Beet Root

Insomnia : Valerian, Passion Flower, Hops, Skull cap, St John's Wort, Calms Forte

ANEXITY : Rescue remedy, Calms forte by Hylands, Passion Flower, Lavender Oil,

CONSTIPATION : Liquid Cal/ Magnisum Citrate from the Heath food store. Reflexology

MOUTH SORES : Coconut Oil and Baking soda

To keep from losing muscle mass and to keep from losing too much weight please take a good protein drink .

Vega Sport or Alive Protein and Hemp Hearts are great too

Make sure to get enough fiber, Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Pysullum Husk

Keep PH level up, Drink lemon water twice a day and juice

Eat Healthy stay away from all red meat and dairy



No Processed Food

Drink Plenty of Fresh Water


Gluten Free Diet

Remove all Toxic Chemicals from your home..and Toss Out all toxic beauty Products

JUICING "Carrots. Celery. Ginger. Garlic. Cilantro. Parsley. Bell pepper. Cucumber. Dandelion. Kale ,Spinach. Peppers. Beet, Apple

"No more then 3 Juices a Day While doing chemo"

On your off weeks drink more juice and drink 2 cups Essiac Tea

Please after your therapy juice 8 glasses of juice daily and up your dose on MSM Silica, Selenium, And Drink 2 Cups Essiac tea a day and adjust your natural healing protocol so you will stay healthy and cancer free..remember cancer cannot survive in a body that has a high immune system...

""Need to do a 21 Day Chemo or Radiation Detox"

2 Cups Essiac

BENTANITE Clay 1 tablespoon 2 x a day in water I like

Aloe 2 Oz a day

Oregano oil on bottom of feet

Up dosage on Milk Thistle

Solgar liquid Omega's

MSM up to 4000 mg

Rosemary Essential Oil

2 tsp of Black Strap Molasses

4 Activated Charcoal Capsule A Day

I am not a doctor, I just share what I have seen work and what I have researched. Please do your own research..There are so many amazing things we can take and do to help our body's heal <3

I Personally Healed from stage 4 MMMT CarcinoSarcoma doing Natural remedies 5 year cancer Free Thriver

Happy Healing & Health

Love Holistic Angel

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DaddyIsHealing -

The one thing I take that is unusual is Vitamin d3 @ 30,000 units, and here is why:

Dr Bruce Hollis talking about it, answering questions - reduces the severity of the cancer

(a somewhat vague characterization)

He has longer ones, where he talks, that are wonderful. Here is one:

There are (many) others.

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I take a lot of those supplements on a daily basis. I think that the milk thistle was probably the most important. It kept my liver levels from dropping. We need to keep the liver propped up.

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Ty I agree I take it myself


I am taking 4 capsules of Turkey Tail extract and Community Defense mushrooms by Host Defense (protocol by a local primary care doctor for cancer patients. Also check out Ted Talks on Turkey Tail mushrooms NIH study. Also 10,000 iu of D3, Magnesium, gamma-e (not alpha that was in FDA study) and B-12. B-12 and D3 fight inflammation. Turkey Tail and Community Defense mushrooms boost the immune system, selenium, zinc and magnesium that works with D3 as well as gamma-e which has been shown to shrink tumors in some limited studies.

May not be the right protocol but it is as close as I can come with what I know and seems to be keeping my energy up most of the time. It is also worth noting that some studies show it really helps reduce side effects of chemo. Good luck.

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Ty for sharimg. What mg of b12, selenium, mg and gamma..?

The turkey tail im.waiting on and bought the d3. I've also been reading about vitamin k as studies are being done, but my dad is skeptical of things he labels as pills so im.trying to choose the most important .

His main side effect of all treatment is exhsustion


B12 in liquid form "Ultra B-12" NOW brand 5,000 mcg (I take this dosage because my body does not assimilate B-12 almost at all and this is the only form that seems to work). Selenium 100 - 200 mg (max) and 400 iu of Gamma E capsules. Hope that helps.

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What are all plants made of? Answer: chemicals. By definition the only thing in all plants are chemicals. All supplements derived from plants, which are the majority, are made of only chemicals. All plants, including our food plants, make harmful chemicals to prevent themselves from being eaten by animals including man. Most supplements are plants extracts and every plant extract can contain hundreds of harmful chemicals in small quantities. Extracts are a CONCENTRATED form of the plant exposing consumers to higher concentrations of harmful chemicals in the plants. The supplements that are plant extracts, which are the majority, contain chemicals that are toxic to both the liver and kidneys. What prevents immediate damage is the fact that these harmful chemicals are in very small quantities but taking multiple supplements over time may have serious consequences.

Many common supplements, like mushroom extracts, can cause significant liver and kidney damage. More commonly used supplements like Omega-3 Fish Oils can be very harmful because they are strong anti-coagulants, i.e., they causes bleeding and decrease the body's ability to clot. If you take too much Omega-3 Fish Oils or are taking another supplement that is also an anti-coagulant you could easily wind up in the hospital with bleeding. You will notice the lack of any warnings on popular supplements like Fish Oils that it is an anti-coagulant. There are also plenty of perfectly legal, over-the-counter medicines that are damaging to our organs as well. Acetaminophen and ibuprofen, two common painkillers, have been linked to all sorts of organ damage. So when it comes to supplements, be very carefull. We like to think that supplements can offer a shortcut to health, but all supplements and drugs have both good and bad effects in our bodies.

Supplements commonly used for bodybuilding and weight loss can have deadly effects Studies have linked muscle-building and bodybuilding products to increased testicular cancer and deadly prostate cancer. All dietary supplements come with significant risks because they remain largely unregulated by the FDA. That means the various pills and powders on the market don’t have to back up any of their health claims and most claims are made for supplements are bogus. Many supplements include ingredients never tested on humans. Some products are labeled incorrectly, failing to disclose certain substances or claiming ingredients that are actually absent. That doesn’t mean every nutritional supplement will damage your health, but it does mean that all of these products have the potential to do real harm. In fact, a study published in the British Journal of Cancer uncovered a significant link between muscle-building supplements and cancer.

WARNINGS: Always research the side effects of any supplements and avoid supplements for body building and weight loss. Testosterone boosting supplements may cause Prostate Cancer so one would be pretty stupid to such supplements.


Ty I understand the difficulty in finding pure supplements. however, people often say I don't want to put chemicals in my body, but plant based or other, food contains chemicals, some needed to live. my father thinks of all supplements as drugs. or "pils" but I think moderation and research and a fair amount of common sense should be used in taking any chemical, be it food, supplements , or medicine and I thank you for your comment as it reads clearly to proceed with caution,and I agree. would you disagree with the use of milk thistle to protect the liver when one needs to take medicines detrimental to the liver such as chemo or pain medicine? I do have some faith in evolution and the body's ability to protect itself just as the plant does and since we are higher on the food chain it would stand to make sense that some, not all can handle a fair amount of supplementation or use of herbs or eating a plant based diet. I hope you are doing well. happy healing


By the simple definition of the word "chemical" people need to understand that all foods are only made of chemicals. There is NOTHING else in any food except chemicals. Vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals etc. are all, by definition, chemicals. Anything you name that is in any food or plant is, by definition, a chemical.

Every plant, every food contains thousands of chemicals and NOTHING else. see the definition of the word chemical.

The word "natural" is misunderstood and used by health food marketeers to trick people into thinking that "natural" is good. But the opposite is true. Natural means IMPURE. Synthetic means PURE or NEAT.

Any so-called "natural" substance contains hundreds of chemicals that have never been tested on humans. Consider the chemical Vitamin C. Vitamin C is found in poison ivy but you wouldn't eat the "natural" plant poison ivy to get your vitamin C. In a lab vitamin C can be synthesized and it is then PURE and no longer "natural" or IMPURE.

Most supplements have harmful side effects because most are extracts of various plants. Plants make poisons to keep from being eaten by animals, including man. We have breed our food plants to have lower levels of most of these poisons---but over time the cumulative effects of the chemicals that make up every food will wear down our bodies.


I and most are well aware that food is chemicals and that "all natural" does not mean it's good for you. The poppy plant is all natural, but quite dangerous in both its natural and synthetic forms. you seem to favor pharmaceutical synthetic drugs, yet on your website you list herbs etc that are useful in various diseases. Please expand on your position . if you have time, please clarify the idea that synthesized means pure, when to get a patent on an existing drug various chemicals must be added to make it different than the previous formula and fda standards have proven not to be stringent enough and allow for a certain degree of 'unclean' compounds in pur food and drugs. Synthetic drugs have other chemicals in them i was taught so please correct me if i am wrong. I would truly like to understand your advice for patients in a system that does not embrace all that Nature gives us nor does it focus on diet for healing . can you please expand on your thesis because I've been wrapped in this very poor medical system my whole life and in no way would I consider medications "pure," when so many have the added clause" may cause death. "has acidophilus ever caused death ? I'd like to understand so please explain as I do respect your expertise . I have tried over 30 synthetic hormone combinations to control disease and there is nothing pure nor natural about synthetic hormones in my opinion and the body is often smart enough to recognize as not it's own and not respond according to plan. I believe in integrative Healthcare your website shows that supplements have benefits, but your words discourage their use. I'm completely on the same side as you, the side of longevity . You mention the dangers of chemicals building up. in our society it is impossible to avoid dangerous chemicals completely so what is your advice for cancer patients in regards to avoiding carcinogenics, balancing those that we are subject to, and appoaching prevention and healing of cancer.


What form would you take Gamma in and how many cc's would you suggest to start with.

Is it true that this may loosen up joints and bowels.


It is like all things in life which have both good and bad qualities.

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Very true xoxo


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