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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Re: PTEN and PML: "High-fat Diets May Promote Prostate Cancer Metastasis, Mouse Study Suggests"

High-fat Diets May Promote Prostate Cancer Metastasis, Mouse Study Suggests

January 22, 2018 Patricia Inacio, PhDby Patricia Inacio, PhD

In News.


"Loss of two tumor suppressor genes – PTEN and PML – in prostate cancer appears to trigger the progression of disease by turning the cells into fat-producing factories, new research shows. These findings reveal the genetic link between aggressive types of prostate cancer and dietary habits and suggest new therapies for halting disease progression...."

“It was as though we’d found the tumors’ lipogenic, or fat production, switch,” Pandolfi said. “The implication is, if there’s a switch, maybe there’s a drug with which we can block this switch and maybe we can prevent metastasis or even cure metastatic prostate cancer.”

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I don't believe any of this BS. What applies to a mouse hardly ever applies to humans. I would like to see a population study comparing Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians and aggressive PCa. Eaul Gibbons avoided PCa by eating tree bark. In the end all of his trees were dead from loss of bark and Gibbons was dead from a bleeding ulcer.


Since I'm relatively new to all this, I wasn't aware. Maybe I should delete my post? I don't want to 'clutter' this valuable thread with useless info.



Don't delete it.

It's slightly old news, perhaps, but we need to keep scratching away at it to get to the crux, & counter the media take on this.

NOTE: "Loss of two tumor suppressor genes ... appears to trigger the progression of disease by turning the cells into fat-producing factories"

But in the same paragraph we see a reference to "dietary habits".

The creation of fatty acids within PCa cells is what PCa cells do. It has nothing to do with diet. These cells are manufacturing specialized fatty acids to meet proliferative needs. We have known this for over 20 years.

The researchers are going to follow through with a study of a drug that interferes with fat production.

Meanwhile we are being herded into a low fat diet solution, as though PCa will then be starved of fat. PCa will make what it wants.

Fatostatin might well be the solution. Good luck with the low-fat diet.




No Problem. One man's Clutter is another man's Clarity


Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Tuesday 01/23/2018 12:29 AM EST

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Keep Toxins out the food chain would help! A Mouse,!!( Really) a nutritionally sound Diet Exercise emotionally well being that's just to start with! I am the first Make to get Prostrate Cancer in my Family! Quit talking Genetic! Black me have a higher rate of Prostrate Cancer because they live on a liwer incone bracket thys it more Junk food! Black man in Africa have a lower rate of Prostrate Cancer than White men in North America! The Medical Profession can start prescribing Diet to goid Health and Excercie etc....! And just watch our Cacer rates drop! I am tired of hearing dome PHD. say more studies are needed!


Bobrat, you dismiss PCa as genetic. Your on the wrong site, you need to be on Facebook.


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