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Post Radiotherapy Fatigue, Low RBC, WBC, High Ferritin

Hello all. Looking for some feedback on CBC and ferritin values from members who know about this. Normal range is in brackets.

Prior to biopsy and treatment in June 2016: WBC 7 (4-11) RBC 4.57 (4.5-6) Hemoglobin 145 135-175) Ferritin 219 (25-200)

In November 10, 2017 after 37 EBRT and Brachytherapy: WBC 4 (4.5-6), RBC 3.55 (4.5-6), Henoglobin 116.(135-175) No Ferritin value

In Dec 18, 2017after iron supplements and eating iron rich foods: WBC 5.8, RBC 3.88, Ferritin 338. (22-275)

My understanding is that high Ferritin level indicate inflammation, malignancy etc. My last MRI and bone scans were clear. Haven't done a circulating tumour cell count.

I told my family doc I was suffering from extreme fatigue, and he prescribed prescription iron supplement. The fatigue improved greatly, although I noticed some symptoms associated with high Ferritin: tinnitus (extreme). dizzyness/balance iaaues. I am also on flowmax, so at times, I experience low BP symptoms.

If anyone has experience with these issues, Id value your input.


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2 years after Radiation for localized PC, my ferritin levels are below 25 and seem to stay there, during ADT (1 year) I started going to a Gym and using the various resistance machines, I gained muscles and felt great, fatigue was mild and at least I had a reason beyond meds to be tired!

Radiation and ADT did not stop PSA from rising 2 yrs later...

presently 3 weeks into total diet change, Vegan with fish, no sugar, alcohol, zero processed foods ie bread & pasta.

basically lots of greens with some fish.

feeling more energy than previous 6 months of the fairly normal mix of food and processed foods etc.


You may not be using the right Iron Supplement/prescription. You can use a Chelated Iron supplement---you can find at Vitacost. Also to reduce the Ferritin you can use something called Cardio Chelate, to clean up the Ferritin---but the two must not be taken within 3 hours of each other. I only suggest what I might do---I am not a Doctor. Just passing on some things gained in study of Natural Healing.


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Thanks for the useful info. Much appreciated.


Your welcome----the Prescription, may be causing the high Ferritin. If wanting to get your overall Red Blood cell count up. Here is a program I use---not everyone may this be good for. As I said I am not a Doctor. The reason for Chelated Iron, is whatever the body does not use, the excess goes out thru the Urine. I use Vitacosts Chelated Iron. Also addition of Sublingual B-12 ---1,000 to 5,000 mircograms under the tongue, plus Methyl Folate---not Folic Acid, and Desiccated Liver Tablets. All bought on line at Vitacost. This combination is best for me. As to others, you do your own research, before embarking. If needing to get your Ferritin down you would need to cut Red Meats, and Breads, any flour enriched product. Or you can as I said try Cardio Chelate---this extracts heavy metals out of the body---but it takes out Calcium and Magnesium---good ones--and you would need to replace with a good supplement like Chelated Calcium/Magnesium.



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