Ladies and Gentlemen: Prepare to be amazed, as I introduce you to, "The Almost Hairless Torso Man!"

Hi All,

It's only taken seven years, seven months, and, I don't care to count how many days...

But, it now looks like I shave my armpits, ugh. All I got left is some pubbies, I just wanna cry. I've been Lupronized! Too the max. What's next, my teenie weenie.


Sorry, I had to get it out.

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  • I have a little more torso hair than that left, but not much. I've been on Lupron continuously since August 2011. Hang in there, my friend!

  • Don't feel bad, I'm in the same boat. Now when the police tell me to raise my hands, they start laughing.

  • I wear short pants most of the time because of the warm climate down here in Australia.

    I'm sick of hearing people say " How come you've got no hairs on your legs"?

    One of these days and I'm just gonna turn around and say " 'cause of I've got f**king terminal cancer,ok" !

    (Not to mention no arm, torso, underarm hair either!!)

  • Hey Deano, I'm in Perth, where do you live?

  • Hey paulofaus I'm over in Sydney outer south west suburb called Bradbury. It's about 50km from the coast so we don't any sea breeze! Been following your posts. Hope you're ok mate.

  • Thanks Dean. Yes I'm doing well thanks. I just looked on the map. I lived in Liverpool for grade 1, 45 years ago!

  • I'm with you brother. My body covered with hair but so white, fine and tiny only I can see it. A little longer around my weenie but still white. And weenie and his 2 pals like my PSA, almost undetectable. Before all was black hair though have hair growth on my head. Thanks Joe for highlighting what we go through.

  • I've just come across a new word regarding Pca treatment...

    "Turtleing" (mine sometimes reminds me of a scared turtle!)

  • I've been on Lupron for 4 years, and Xtandi for 1 year. I used to have dark hair on the backs of my hands and knuckles, and on the tops of my feet and toes. I've even lost the nose hairs inside my nostrils!

    On the bright side, I no longer smell like an old Billy Goat anymore. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

    And my spouse gets a kick out of rubbing my bare bottom and with an affectionate smile and a wink remarking about how smooth it is now.

    Sometimes I do still practice making Tarzan yells in the shower, too, alternated with Howling Wolf calls. What can I say? We have fun.


  • Had a ultra sound of the scrotum the other day. Technician said lift your penis out of the way. I said nothing to lift. Glad to hear from other members of club Lupron.

  • Guess Mine isn't only one to shrink after RP and lupron.. Stretch it so shoot down not out front of toilet ??


  • Doug, I must have pissed on myself at least a dozen times this past week alone. I feel your pain. I had a not quite full load of peed on sweats, shorts and boxers to wash. Just gross how short the thingy has gotten.


  • Everything shrunk except fore skin so aim is impossible. Sitting down keeps peace in the family

  • If only it was OK sitting down. Quite often I sit down for a pee and find a great puddle on the bathroom floor. Thanks for sharing, guys - I thought it was just me.

  • Yep, another emasculating side effect of prostate cancer treatment. As testosterone helps penis growth from womb than on, lack of it makes it shrink! Not only we get hit with cancer but we have to deal with all the adverse effect of having our "sex" hormones being dragged out of us. From sex drive, size, hair to diabetes and osteoporosis. That's why I'm hoping they find a new way to hit the cancer cells...ADT is killing more than just the cancer cells. Hopefully years from now, we'll be able to nuke the cancer while keeping our vital hormones. It's hard for guys to talk about their plumbing gear but with how I see my body changing in so little time, I complain to the researchers a lot. Ok I vented a bit haha. Cheers to life guys

  • CRISPR/Cas9 looks like the cure for all ills. I'm waiting for a Penn trial. It will come, I hope, before I go kaput.

    Life is great, ain't it.


  • StephanB you don't look real old in your profile pic.

    They reckon the younger guys struggle more with ADT se's. than our older bros.

  • It would make sense since not so long ago, I felt so "normal", very active with a healthy sex life. Definitely a challenge to recognize my own self. It's, without a doubt, a hard new normal to adjust to

  • George, I feel for you. That must have been painful.


  • I was embarrassed at first but don’t give a damn anymore. Keeping the cancer at bay is what’s important

  • About sitting: I had a diagnosed bladder blockage that my Uro didn't seem to want to treat me for because...Who the f*ck knows...That went on for almost three years, so a lot of sitting. When it was fixed, I couldn't wait to be able to stand and pee again. And, it was great, and still is...except for the laundry issue.

    I try not to dwell too much on the cancer. Even as I write this, I keep it way back there, so it doesn't drive me crazy.


  • I’ve got a growth in the bladder scheduled for removal 11/15. Don’t know if that will improve stream.

  • That is not cool. But, I'm sure removing it would help. When they initially cathed me, they drained two and a half liters of fluid. (Blood and urine) I didn't even know I was bleeding in there, but that was the cause of my weakness at the time. Hopefully, you will get some relief.


  • Not often I log in here for a good laugh.


  • With all the dread we have here, sometimes you got to keep it light. Wait'll you see my sinus post.


  • Hey Bald is Beautiful... what's smaller than a teenie weenie flea? A flea's teenie weenie.

    Good Luck and Good Health.

    j-o-h-n Thursday 10/26/2017 1:40 PM EST

  • Yes it will get smaller, and your balls may disappear.


  • Hi Nalakrats,

    Sit back, and prepare to be dumbfounded, while I humiliate myself:

    When I was 7-8 yo, I had a hernia operation. Going in, I didn't pay any attention to my marbles, I was a kid. And when I came out and grew older, I only had one nut. I just assumed I had only one because of the surgery, and it was on the same side. It was only last year or so, I was talking to my Mom about it, and she says, "You mean to tell me they never pulled the ball down when the operation was done"?

    I was freakin' floored. With all due respect to our Asian friends, I referred to myself as Wun Hung Lo. For 50 years!

    Last week I told her, I was the only one out of five of us who didn't go to kindergarten. She asked me why? Huh? And then she apologized.


  • TOOOOOO Funny


  • Mine aren't gone yet, but I am ready for Halloween, Already have two jelly beans in my bag...


  • Too Funny!


  • Eat them before they disappear.

  • I want mine to disappear. Even asked for what there is to be removed. So uncomfortable not knowing where they are, slide out of bed and squash one, walk too quickly and squash both, can't wear underpants coz the pants don't know where to put them (although now more like an it than a them). When first Dxd I read all about ADT and a common complaint online was about testicular shrinkage, one guy not having been told and his nuts were the size of peas. I am lucky really, couple of butter beans at present. However can pee under the seat and onto the floor. Happy Days still 0.03 PSA latest results in 4 hours, let's see. Stand up and be counted...nothing with which to stand up.

  • Good for your 0.03---may they continue until such time, as you will not need ADT. I do not mean you would have passed---but that a cure, or a drug/immunology comes along, and puts the C into remission---kind of what happened with HIV. Or you decide to go IADT--or without drugs.

    In my case I continue with 0.03's also, I plan to take some action at the 30 month mark, or the 36 month mark, of 0.03's----if I can keep them that long.

    I most probably will go on IADT--time cycle not yet determined---or trust in GOD, and just come off the Drugs and let my supplements carry me.

    I am watching the BAT Trials at John Hopkins, following the original British Trial. That is another option.

    As to peeing---I could also do a better job--but more concerned about the attack, against ligaments and tendons, from ADT--which is another story.


  • I wasn't hairy to begin with but this is getting weird. Underarm hair is gone. Forearm hair is gone. Leg hair gone. And that was only after six months on eligard.

  • Ed,

    That's fast. I have, what you might call, long arm hair. It will never give up, I cheer it on. Now, it's only about three inches at the longest. I used to boast about 5-6 inch arm hair. Thankfully it was fairly thin, and not that noticeable unless it got wet. I have to remember to put that in my memoir.


  • I lost almost all body hair, the I had chemo and what little I had vanished. Now 3 months post chemo it's all grown back, thicker than before.

  • My nookie days are over,

    My pilot light is out,

    What used to be my sex appeal,

    Is now my water spout.

    Time was when, on its own accord,

    From my trousers it would spring,

    But now I've got a full-time job,

    To find the blasted thing.

    It used to be embarrassing,

    The way it would behave,

    For every single morning,

    It would stand and watch me shave.

    Now as old age approaches,

    It sure gives me the blues,

    To see it hang its little head,

    And watch me tie my shoes!

  • Thank you you made my day. Now I can smile every time I "whip" it out.

  • wiener ain't the same either......

  • i believe there is a medical term for it.

    STS or Scared Turtle Syndrome

  • Had armpit hair since 14 yrs old .no more, and most body hair gone also. Still have to shave ..Why? That facial hair is the true male still hanging on.

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