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First diagnosised with Prostate Cancer at age 49 in Oct 2002. Had radical prostatectomy in Nov 2002; followed by 37 treatments of beam radiation and 5 quarterly injections of Lupron and daily casodex pill beginning in Feb 2004. Went into remission until about 3 years ago; began casodex last year started back on quarterly injections in Jan 2017. PSA jumped from .08 to 2.3 in the last 90 days. Just received the call an hour ago , Doctor wants to put me on Xtandi immediately and see me in a month. Been anticipating this call; now want learn what I should expect over the course of the next few months from those that have been down this road

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  • I have been on Xtandi since feb 2016. Has worked well , undetectable now, don't know how long till mutation spoils the game.

    What is your Gleason? Any known mets?

    Has your Dr compared use of Xtandi vs Zytiga?

    What about use of one of latest scan types?

    Wishing u much luck

  • I started Xtandi August 15 PSA 5.35. PSA now 2. 07. Main side effects extreme fatigue, mild nausea and gas. See my profile for summary of treatments since diagnosis.

  • Been on Xtandi since April of 2016 no problems or side effects.

  • Been on Xtandi for 3 1/2 years. Has kept my PSA non-detectable. Very few side effects beyond the ones from Lupron which I am also on. Hope it works as well for you.

  • Were you put on xtandi when your psa rose on Iupron.

  • Xtandi was ordered thu specialty pharmacy on Tuesday of this past week but hasn’t arrived yet. Yes l’ve been on Lupron since Jan of this year. Doctor indicated that he wants to see me again after taking Xtandi for 30 day or so; to check PSA. I took my most recent injection of Lupron on 10/16; the same day the drew blood to check PSA.

  • Is your Xtandi coveredby your health insurance?

  • Yes. My insurance has a specialty pharmacy connection which supplies it.

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