I Previously Posted On The Benefit Of Ursolic Acid - Curcumin - Resveratrol In Treating PCa..Here Is How The Combo Works

The amazing fact was that the combo was as effective as Chemo. I could not find a safe supply of ursolic acid so I am using a concentrated apple peel extract + curcumin + resveratrol + pterostilbene



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  • Gus,

    You should look for a product with a standardize dose of ursolic acid, e.g.:


    "2.5% ursolic acid"


  • What dose of ursolic acid is considered, safe, effective? thank you.

  • This combo is either killing me or the cancer...every time I take it I start sweating like a stuck pig

  • Gus, that's interesting, maybe it's the sweating, the increase in body temperature that doing the good. Several years ago, there was research, I believe in Germany, where elevated temperature was being evaluated for prostate cancer treatment. Naturally I have no follow-up info on that!


  • gus, with your amazing combo, if you have a feeling that it is bound to kill you or your cancer and also .....every time you take it you start sweating like a stuck pig.........Are you going to use us as guinea pigs for your pleasure? !!! LOL

    Good attempt


  • what quantities of these are you taking daily and how did you come to consider these the quantities to take?

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