stinging on tip of penis, why?

I had a robotic prostatectomy about six years ago I now on chemo and HT.

about five days ago I noticed I have a slight stinging pain on the tip of my penis

and or urethra. I see no sign or reason why, it kind of feels like the pain I get when I

relax my sphincter when going to the bathroom either #1 or #2 , it has be both puzzled and concerned, the slight sting it there all the time. and no it is not an STD I have had no sex for years. if it does not clear up fast I will call my urologist tomorrow.

thank you

goodwill to all

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  • You don't necessarily have to have had sex to get an STD. Not a usual situation but not impossible. Your doc probably should test anyway ignoring your protestations.

  • Sorry, I missed a key and sent the former... There are a number of conditions that may cause this as a symptom. I've experienced it as a side-effect of a drug. Other things like infections creating a chemical imbalance. Definitely something to have checked out.

  • It may not be a serious thing but the best action would be to get it examined by a urologist.


  • It is due to a number of factors, the drugs you are on can alter the Ph of the urine aggravating the penis and surrounding tissue. Dehydration can also make urine highly acidic resulting again in penis complaints. I am on chemo and at least for one week of the three week cycle, I experience penis burning due to high acidity. Just another joy of life in the cancer track!

  • I do not see answers from our group here---get to the Urologist---this is his area of expertise. It is not cancer, IMO---sounds like cystitis to me. A couple of quarts of pure unadulterated cranberry juice may clear up your situation.


  • Not to get graphic, but we’ll try the juice, too. Thanks. Btw, the Bioresponse DIM is arriving on Wednesday (Amazon). And we’ve learned to swallow the Cal/Mag/Phosphorus.! Pill, water, head forward works best. (The picture of yourself was the stuff of nightmares.) Mrs. S.

    P.S. We’ve also ordered Koffee Kult which is very balanced, tasty, and a bit pricey, but who wants to save one’s IRAs for Zytiga? Les formerly roasted all our coffee beans from Roastmasters, Burundi mostly. Beats pulverized Cal/Mag. On to send some NY mountain pics to Dan59 unless I join Leswell who is asleep.

  • At least you get a feeling....

    j-o-h-n Monday 08/07/2017 11:43 AM EST

  • OK, I went to doc and gave a urine sample to culture and see what grows......

    my Urologist prescribed the antibiotic "Cipro" and along with that I will drink a

    quart of cranberry juice and hope for the best.. I think I will be ok.

    thank you all


  • You spoke of tense and relaxing pelvic floor muscles. Are you sure this isn't nerve pain emanating elsewhere. I had a similar pain when I was suffering from a lesion in the sacral area. The pain sometimes traved along the nerve to the tip of my penis.

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