Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) and Prostate Cancer

Testerone binds to the sex hormone binding globulin and is not bio-available to the prostate cancer cells. Why would you not have a blood test that would give you this information? Why do doctors not test for SHBG along with testosterone, DHT, and PSA?

Foods that can increase SHBG are carrots and gazobobeans among others. I mention them for I enjoy eating them. Different labs have different reference ranges for SHBG. I am 130% over the top of the reference range.

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Hi Big, please explain more. I am diagnosed with T 4 Tubular Prostate Cancer, fast and aggressive cancer. Do you suggest I eat more carrots? please advise.



What treatment plan has your medical doctor recommended to you. What treatments have you received and are presently undergoing. What is your Gleason score, testosterone score, DHT, and PSA?

What is your PSA doubling time? Where are your mets located in your body, check your scans.



Hi Bigrich and Pjoshua13,

Thank you guys for explaining the process.

I am taking quite a lot of supplements, 6 mg Boron three times a day.

I also take Quercitin and Green tea extract, Capsaicin,Lycopene and flaxseed. I also drink Coartem (malaria tablet).

For six months I was on now treatment at all, but suddenly there is PSA count and it hoovers at 6. Hopefully I will go back to Lucrin only.


Hi Rich,

Only about 1-2% T is free - not bound to proteins. About half of the rest is weakly bound to albumin & is considered to be bioavailable. The remainder is bound to SHBG & is considered to be bio-unavailable.

When testing for fT (free tesosterone), many labs calculate it based on SHBG & an assumed level for albumin.

SHBG also binds estrogens, but there is preferential binding to T. The lab calculation does not take into account estrogen numbers.

Because of the preference for T binding, an increase in SHBG will amplify E2, i.e. increase the fE2:fT ratio.

If T is raised, SHBG will fall.

Ironically, for men with high E2 & low T, the body will raise SHBG to tie up T (the presumed source of male E2).

For men with low fT & high SHBG, a well-known natural approach is stinging nettle root, which binds to SHBG. However, I know of no evidence.

Boron, however [1]:

"Subjects were requested to consume a capsule of 10mg boron every day with their breakfast"

"Six hours supplementation showed a significant decrease on sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG)"

"After one week (in samples taken at 8.00 A.M, only), the mean plasma free testosterone increased and the mean plasma estradiol decreased significantly. Dihydrotestosterone, cortisol and vitamin D was elevated."





I thought a high SHBG wqs good if you had Pca. Taking boron and getting an increase in DHT is not good.IMO.



Dr. Rich, --What I do is keep my T under 10 ng/dl, I prevent any T produced by the adrenals from going to DHT, so my DHT is undetectable, by doing a double whammy with Avodart and Proscar together[anti-aromatase drugs], and then interfere with the production of E2, by Using Micro-encapsulated Di-Indole Methane, more commonly called DIM. I get any lab test I want, as I have a cooperating Doctor, that allows me to call for what tests I want when I want them. He works it around my Medicare somehow.




Thank you, I know that increased E2 is not good; however, what do believe are the benefits to supress E2. Please refresh my memory on this subject.



Rich, going back to your starting point on this topic, I want to be clear... Are garbonzo beans and carrots good for slowing cancer growth based on what you said about the SHBG?



George, making a portion of testosterone not available to PCa cells is a good thing. I had my carrots today with my other veggies, and tonight I will have a humus sandwich. Tomorrow I will have chick peas with my whole wheat pasta for lunch. Eat healthy, veggies, fruit, no sugar no dairy, no chicken skin, no egg yolks.The following are good: black coffee, seltzer, spring water, and low sodium V-8 juice, fish, and chicken breast. Lastly, no red meat. Exceptions are allowed, rarely.



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