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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Thunder God Vine - Also Known As The 7 Steps To Death

I have been researching Thunder God Vine and it seems most people use it for RA where it works better than drugs. There is very limited evidence it would be effective against PCa. But there is a good chance it might prevent CRPC. If Triptolide can prevent resistance to Xtandi why wouldn't it work with Lupron.




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Gus, resistance to Xtandi, many times according to my Geneticist, is when the AR-V7 gene splice variant is turned to the on position, as opposed to the off position. When in the off position, according to the Doctor, Xtandi continues to work. There have been reports, that chemo, ALA, some of the components in Zyflamend, and other high dose supplements, maybe even Gator Blood, can turn the gene splice off. It is possible, that Triptolide, may be another agent that can do this, allowing Xtandi to work. There is growing evidence, that this can be done, but I do not know anyone making a list, by pulling data from hundreds of Research Papers. For sure chemo, has a history of doing this, where men can go back onto Xtandi, usually with Lupron, and be very effective. I have personal contacts with men of this happening.




I am afraid of chemo because it might permanently damage the immune system. Most of the clinical trials for immunotherapy drugs exclude men with prior chemo but I don't know why

I also read a few papers that after chemo, supplements to prevent cancer no longer work.




As I understand it, chemo drugs damage rapidly dividing cells. The cells in bone marrow that divide to produce T-cells, white blood cells that attack diseased cells are in that category.

It is my understanding that, in most people, the immune system will fully recover after some weeks or months off chemo but, for a clinical trial, I presume that a drug maker wants to take no chances that he's including people with previously compromised immune systems in his outcome statistics.



I do not disagree, I was stating the things, that appear to allow Xtandi to work. I am also of the opinion, to stay away from chemo. It will take a Dozen Doctors arguing with me in person, that if I do not do chemo I will die. And even then I might say no.

I understand the reasons relative to Immunology trials. Chemo, does not allow the reading of results to be in line with other patients, who did not do chemo. You would be like odd man out. I do not really understand it. But the trials, do exclude those that have had chemo, and I also think, if they had Xofigo.



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