Livalo: A Safer Statin?

I had some problems with lipid-soluble Simvastatin a while ago. It took several months before my liver enzymes fell into the normal range. After reading the information regarding cholesterol and lethal prostate cancer, I sent an email to my oncologist to ask him if there weren't some other statin I could take that would be a little more agreeable with me. He suggested Livalo but wasn't sure whether my health insurance would pay for it. While it appears that "LIVALO® IS ONLY MINIMALLY METABOLIZED VIA THE CYP450* SYSTEM," it uses another enzyme or pathway that "is in conjugation with glucuronic acid via liver UGTs† with subsequent formation of pitavastatin lactone." However, upon delving deeper, I find that this medication, i.e., side effects and safety, seems no better nor worse than most any other statin. Any Livalo takers out there?

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  • Elgie uses Ursadiol for cholesterol because of the side effects of statins. Dr. Charles Myers prescribed it. He has done well on it.

  • Thank you for your reply.


  • I don't know much, but you might want to check this out.

  • Thanks. The video was very useful: I certainly miss these short talks by the good doctor.

  • Was placed on Livalo by my oncologist (Dr. Charles Myers) He advised that livalo has the least side effects. I have been on livalo and my liver enzymes have been normal in fact in the low normal range. Had problems with my liver enzymes but not sure whether it was the other satin or Xtandi. Stopped both Xtandi and the statin -- and then went back on Livalo.

  • Thanks. Probably was Xtandi. I also had a similar problem, but just cut the dose in half (I was also taking Xytiga at the same time_.

  • I tried Livalo earlier this year. Took 6 weeks before Insurance agreed - but then they hit me wis $200/month copay.

    After 2 months on Livalo, my liver was messed up. I was throwing up at 3 am with nothing in my stomach. Swiched back to Simvastain.

    Here is Dr Myers pushing Livalo:


  • Thanks. We both had opposite reactions: my problem was with the Simvastatin. It has now become obvious to me that one's reaction is entirely based on his/her personal chemistry and, with all drugs (Here I might include supplements in general). Personally if it weren't for the interaction with cholesterol in Pca, I wouldn't even consider the stuff.

  • I use Welchol which is not a statin. Statins caused a lot of problems with me.

  • Everyone reacts differently to the almost 9 choices today for statins. In my case everyone cause muscle pain, as I lift weights. So what is good for one responder here was not good for Patrick, I.E., and nothing works for me when I get above a certain dosage. I use Simvastain at 10 Mg, because at 20 mg, I get pain.

    So my solution was to add 20 Mgs of Policosinol, to my Simvastain. Policosinol is a known natural reducer of Cholesterol. Even One A Day Vitamins formulates it into one of their Multivitamins, and makes the label claim that it reduces Cholesterol. They use 10 mg, in their multi-vitamin product. When I first tried this combo, I used 20 mg of Policosinol twice a day with the Simvastain, and a routine check, had my total cholesterol at 70, I had caused hypocholestoremia. I started at 220, and in 2 months I had over done it. So you can use this natural, with Sima. and find a sweet spot. Now this worked for me. But I do not recommend anyone doing this. I am reporting on personal results using a natural substance, from the root of the sugar cane.

  • Thank you for your reply. Actually, I am hesitant about starting any statin. I have been on a "holiday," as they euphemistically refer to it, from ADT for the past year and a half. I don't want high liver enzyme values should I (read: when I) go back on medication which was a combination of Xytiga and Xtandi, a burden enough for any liver. I recall Policosinol being the supplement of the day many years ago. I remember taking it without much effect. Could be I was taking too little.

    Anyway, now that I have your attention I have a suggestion for you. I have read many of your comments on different supplements and protocols over time (as well as your disclaimers re other people adopting them) and your hesitancy to provide people with a list of what you are currently taking and doing to stay alive. There is something called Cancer Control – The New Protocol (CTP9.6)

    Basic Principles, Strategies, and Interventions

    It has been around for years. The Protocol is published by an obscure research group of all places, Omaha, Nebraska. I mention it for two reasons: (1) Interesting discussion on the immune boosting and cytotoxic properties of antioxidants and how taking them indiscriminately may cause more harm than good and (2) You might consider the format of this protocol as one to adopt for yourself to record the results of your own research and experience. Of course, people who would read it, would accept it for what it is, and may or may not be applicable to their own situations.


  • A ton to read--will attempt when I have time. You might wish to see my new post re: my CTC Test, and my results. And a confusion that has been placed before me.

    I use the disclaimer for a number of reasons. I know two peoples Pca are exactly the same. I do not wish to cause harm, as some things I take, put stress on the Liver and Kidney's. And I am not a Doctor. So I wish to cause no harm. Supplements taken at very high doses are no longer a supplement. But they act as drugs. I do share things privately off the line of this site. The 3 biggest antioxidants, that the body has, or can be given to the Body, have gone thru or are still in Clinical Trial. MD Anderson had 2 of them in Trial. There must be some of us thinking in a parallel way.


  • Policosinol, has become main line when Johnson and Johnson, who I think makes One A Day Vitamins puts it on the front of the package about reducing Cholesterol. As I said I was too high on my dosage, combined with just 10/or 20 Mgs of Simavastain. I was almost ready to be hospitalized as my Cholesterol went from 220 to 70. That is what again I mean about being careful about telling what I am doing, and to cheer for it. I provide enough science on things to allow men to investigate what I bring to the party, and on their own, to make their own decisions, about supplementing.


  • If anyone shives a git.

    I've been taking 3 WelChol 625 mg in the morning and ditto in the evening for many years. I've also been taking 1 Simvastatin 10mg at bedtime for a few years (both meds. for cholesterol). I'm trying to talk my doctor into changing my prescription to a daily quart of chocolate chip ice cream instead. He's said "no way" he's such a PITA.

    j-o-h-n Sunday 06/11/2017 2:27 PM EST

  • Thanks. I agree, except in my case, it would be dark, rich bittersweet chocolate gelato!

  • to Kuanyin

    I''ll buy that......

    j-o-h-n Sunday 06/11/2016 9:27 PM EST

  • I used to take Crestor, but got terrible leg muscle cramps/spasm when running and working out. Cardiologist switched me to Livalo a couple of years ago and I've had no problems since. They do need to jump through a few justification hoops to get the insurance company to pay for Livalo though.

  • Hi, I have used Livalo 4mg for 3 years along with 100mg Co-enzyme Q-10 twice a day for several years with side effects that I can live with. I use generic Tylenol 650mg 8 hour times released if I have muscle pain. I had liver and bile problems with other cholesterol drugs including biliary "sludge" with Mevacor. My PSA has been 0.00 for 5 1/2 years with 42 radiations in 2017 and 30 more in 2011. I get around pretty well and I am 72 years old.

  • Thank you for your reply. I guess, as with most of our medications, we take them knowing full well that our pound of flesh will be paid in some way!

  • Simvastatin aggravated my GERD/reflux horribly. It was as if it completely negated the acid reducer omeprazole that I take. I'm fine with atorvastatin now and no signs of liver problems. Only taking 10 mg dose. I make sure to take CoQ10 as statins are said to reduce levels of CoQ10. I wish I had known that statins help prevent PC -- I didn't start taking a statin until after I was already diagnosed.

  • It's true that statin drugs can lower CoQ10 levels. In fact, studies show that CoQ10 levels can drop by up to 40% due to statin drug use!


    Low CoQ10 levels can be a concern because CoQ10 helps promote healthy heart function. This is because CoQ10 plays an important role in the production of 95% of the energy used by the cells in our body.


    The addition of a CoQ10 supplement to statin drug therapy can help rebuild CoQ10 levels. However, CoQ0 has poor absorption, therefore, you should choose one that is both water and fat-soluble which is better absorbed by the body than regular CoQ10.


  • Thanks for your reply. It's not so much CoQ10 with which I am concerned, I have been taking Ubiquinol for years: it's liver enzymes. While CoQ10 may protect our muscles, I don't think it does much for the liver.

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