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Abiraterone - "Prostate cancer trial stuns researchers: 'It's a once in a career feeling' "

Hoping and praying for encouraging news like this to keep flowing from these conferences:

News just out today, from the big ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) conference going on now, in Chicago:

“Abiraterone not only prolonged life, but also lowered the chance of relapse by 70% and reduced the chance of serious bone complications by 50%,” James said. “Based on the magnitude of clinical benefit, we believe the upfront care for patients newly diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer should change.”

"If you have just been diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer and your doctor wants to start you on ADT (androgen deprivation therapy, such as Lupron), which shuts off the supply of testosterone and other male hormones, ask for abiraterone as well. It could extend your life for years.

But wait, you might be thinking (and your doctor might be telling you): abiraterone, which targets the androgen receptors, is a second-line hormonal therapy drug. It’s supposed to be given if ADT stops working. Or, if ADT stops working, you’re supposed to start chemotherapy with docetaxel. "

-and at the end of June is this conference:

Global Congress on Prostate Cancer

The fifth Global Congress on Prostate Cancer will bring us to Lisbon, Portugal.

During this major educational multidisciplinary event purely focusing on prostate cancer, we invite you to actively contribute in the discussion on how to deal with dilemmas when managing prostate cancer.

28 - 30 June 2017 - Lisbon, Portugal

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What implications would this study have if you started docetaxel in conjunction with Lupron based on the CHAARTED trial? Is this trial saying zytiga+ Lupron is better then docetaxel+Lupron? My husband started the combo of docetaxel and Lupron in March.


I joined the randomised Stampede trial arm G Abiraterone plus ADT (Zoladex) 5.5 years ago. I knew a couple of weeks ago that something was about to be announced. My Oncologist, although unable to comment at that time, said some words that will stay with me.

"You bought a lottery ticket and won first prize"

I had PSA >600, 7 major bone mets, Gleason 7. My PSA has been <0.1

Ever since commencing treatment.

This is truly wonderful news for all of us, those just starting out on our journey, and those of us who are old timers.

Good luck everyone.


June 2015 RRP, Gleason 9. Started Lipton right after surgery. 36 days of radiation and PSA was down to .05. sept 2016 PSA dramatically up to 11 and 25 a month later. Started in Zytiga and in 30 days PSA >0.01 (undetectable) and it has stayed there. Also just finished 6 Radium 223 infusions. CT and bone scan last week. No lymphatic or organ involvement and scan showed lots of sclerotic -scarring - activity. mO and RO characterized it as an 'exquisite' reaction. 1st person in our area to have these at this stage. I love that phrase about winning the lottery. So grateful


You have just made my day with your feed as I've been on ZYtiga since day one as the result of the stampede trial. Undetectable PSA within two months.


This is very cool news. Although I started Zytiga after Lupron began to fail, this may still help me somewhat. Being 7 1/2 years into it, I feel better today than I've felt in years. The drawback is, my PSA is inching up ever so slowly.



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