Have I got a bitch?

There is a pending lawsuit in Ohio, against Purdue, and Jannsen, the drug dealers who provide our country with the opioids that are killing our kids. Jannsen also makes Zytiga, which is what I am on. I will continue taking my Zytiga until I see my Onc on 5/8. That's it. If my insurance won't cover another drug, than so be it. I will not allow my insurance company, or me, to pay for this shit at $8-9K, while giving out free opioids? Too much! I'm done! No, I'm about pissed off!


Update: Carfentynal is made by Jannsen. How does it get in your kids hands?

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  • Come and live in the U.K. We have free health care from cradle to grave for every citizen, rich or poor. I've been taking Aberaterone for the last 5.5 years, all free.

    For a civilised country, I just can't understand why you can't care for your people.

    We've just had a suicide bomber in my home town, Manchester. There were 22 killed, and around 60 seriously injured, many children, who are still in hospital. Around 16 are still in ICU and are likely to be in hospital for a year.

    How would that pan out in America? I imagine parents would be now receiving bills for their dead children who died in hospital, and other parents facing unbelievable bills for their bomb damaged children still in hospital.

    How can you Americans let this happen?

  • We your doing great with the drug. What stsge of pc trigger . Sounds like your timing was right to get 5.5 yrs. It would be grreat if ypu would let us know and us hope. Thanks.

  • Hi Rococo

    Diagnosed 5.5 years ago, PSA >600. 7 bone mets, skull, shoulder, two ribs, pelvis and both femurs. After 4 weeks of bicalutamide down to immeasurable. (Astonishing I know). Joined the Stampede trial here in the U.K., arm G, which is Aberaterone and prednisone, along with Zoladex. My PSA has remained steady below 0.1. I'm checked every 4 weeks, full bloods, blood pressure, monitoring the effects of Aberaterone which doesn't suit everyone. My oh my, it's worked incredibly well for me.

    I still enjoy alcohol (it's a British tradition) which is also a testosterone reducer, and my diet hasn't changed at all. I don't eat anything special to boost my body systems, I just go with the flow.

    I'm still working a little and I have a really positive attitude about life. I don't let PCa rule me at all.

    Travel Insurance was difficult at first, but we have a specialist insurer now who asks all the right questions, so although not really cheap at around $200 for a weeks cruise, is damn site better than the $3000 I was quoted from a mainstream insurer!

    Good luck everyone. It's a wonderful world, enjoy it.

    Oh, and read the Desiderata as it always strengthens my resolve.

  • You're right Tommy. Corporate greed allows it to not just happen, but flourish. I was flipping through channels this morning, and came upon the most egregious example of greed. A lady was on her way to give birth, but didn't make it, and had the baby in the parking lot of the hospital. She received a bill that had all the line items as if she had the baby in the delivery room. Now that's a load of crap. And we're supposed to bend over and say give it to me hard and make it hurt.

    We as a country are what...a thousand years behind you guys. It will take us that long to come to our senses.


  • I think lawyers play a big part. They are leeches that grow fat off the system. $50 million judgments against drug companies like J&J for talcum powder used by women. Doctors spending $100's of thousands annually for malpractice insurance. Lawyers make the laws so nothing will ever change. They talk about repealing Obamacare and replacing it. How about taking a baby step and pass tort reform law? Nah, it's the lawyer thing again. Lawyers will never pass laws that limit lawyers' income.

  • FFS, Ed, how many lawyers have we got in the House and Senate? I don't know either, but the fact is there are way too many. These guys are paid by these PAC's who are more secretive than the CIA, FBI, all 17 of them combined. Thanks to "Citizens United"....my frickin' ass citizens united. So we get what we voted for. Not quite.

    Sorry, I forget where I'm at sometimes.

  • Wouldn't it likely be illegally synthesized carfentanil that's getting into heroin sold in the US? As I understand it, Jannsen developed this drug that's used legally as a large animal tranquilizer back in the 1970s. I also learned that it is believed that the source of what's being laced into heroin is China. I learned too that Jannsen does indeed have interests in China, but is it responsible for what's getting into the illegal drug supply? Please don't get me wrong--I'm all for principle and I'm also ever skeptical of Big Pharma motives. I ask because I'd hate like hell for you to stop taking Zytiga if it's helping prolong your life and your conclusions about the manufacturer are incorrect. While it's no cure-all, it was just in the science news with major positive evidence of expanded efficacy in the treatment of advanced PCa. It may be a lost hope, but it it would sure be nice if every patient who could benefit could also afford it. I'm far from an expert, but I doubt there is any generic form of Zytiga available anywhere, illegal or otherwise.

  • I have to agree with you now that this good news has been publicized. I also read that a generic will be available within the next two years. It just pisses me off that Big Pharma can wreak havoc on our population with these opioids they said were safe as candy. Now, they lobby Congress for MJ regulations while they promote a chemically produced alternative they just happen to be working on for who knows how long. Citizens United works for everyone but the citizen.


  • I see now that TommyTV was part of the study that reached the conclusions I mentioned. Congrats that it's working for you TommyTV, and thank you for helping evolve PCa treatment! And btw, I too extend my care and concern about the recent extreme evil unleashed in your country.

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