Hormone Therapy & Chemotherapy

Hi folks

Even though the radiotherapy failed my PSA doubling has slowed from every 4 weeks to going from 2.1 to 2.8 in 4 weeks :-) hope it stays that way or better.

I asked the oncologist today about the stampede trial which i am signing up for but I was also told i can't yet have chemo as the PC has not yet spread to the bones is this right ? I just had 2 scans a contrast scan and a bone scan both showed no sign of the PC

I was under the impression the earlier you hit it the better it is or is Chemo different.



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  • So was I but I wont start on just a shaky psa. Just keep scaning and sigh off verifid imaging, and doublle check a timed space scan for growth, then its your call. My opinion and let the doc guide you though. The best. Rocco

  • Will do thanks rococo

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