Our Birthday

At a gathering this evening, in response to a group wishing someone a happy birthday, I blurted out (totally without any thought I would say this) - it was my birthday too. Everyone was so pleased, and one asked - "what's the big number"?. I threw out 23000, which was more than 1000 off (tough real time math calculation), and drew slanted heads. But my point was - it was my true birthday. Each day you have been alive is a true birthday, whether when one has cancer or other ailments, or none at all. Tomorrow will be another. And the next day, and day after.

I am sure my thoughts are not original. If they are, please give me artistic credit! :-) Seriously, isn't that a nice way to look at your life when you know god, nature, or whatever you believe in, is granting you the gift of life each day!

Happy Birthday to the strong, smart, and hopeful people on this board!

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  • HankM I have always been considered a hard nosed b... until I started with my Zoladex. Now like many of us I can even cry watching Superman 3 or chatting to my lunatic Saluki. But you have given me the best reason to weep, a new birthday every day. My grateful thanks. Incidentally I am currently 0.03 PSA and pain free so I don't worry at all about progression. Now I just need to get my friends and relatives to send me daily presents for at least the next 10 years.. David, oh, and Happy Birthday.

  • Crying ain't the worst emotion if it is put to good use!

    As for crying at Superman 3, perhaps you were crying because it was such a bad movie? All kidding aside, your results are to celebrate. Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks Hank, I really do think that this Forum is the ideal location for levity. If we cannot smile at and with ourselves we have a problem. Our humour is balanced for us by those looking for a way to make sense of the reality. PCA is real. But I'm more real and a bloody sight stronger than PCa. God bless everyone. David

  • Have to thank God for each new day he gives us.

  • Amen to that.

  • Happy BirthdaY to you too....

    Just remember that the "daY" you were born ended in a "Y", therefore every daY is your birthda"Y".

    j-o-h-n Friday 05/12/2017 4:56 PM EST

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