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You are invited! To my 105th Birthday Party.

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My intention before PCa was always to live to 105 in good health. ( probably inspired by a lyric from one of my favorite songs "Young at Heart"

" And if you should survive to a 105

Look at all you'll derive out of being alive

And here is the best part, you've had a head start

If you are among the very young at heart." )

I have decided that I should remain focused on that goal in spite of PCa. I have manifested some incredible things into my life by simply imagining that they are already present.

OK, maybe some VooDoo as well, please check your B.S meter. ;-)

None the less, I am a believer in the Power of Positive Thinking.

So I am thinking that I would like to invite you all to my 105th Birthday Party, 31 years from tomorrow.


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Happy Birthday Scout, but why should you stop at 105??Our times are in His hands! Have a good one!

I told my MO I intend to dance at my great granddaughters wedding, and then reminded him that my kids are not yet even married!

My Grand daughters have all promised to dance with me at their weddings, the youngest is 10. I did not tell them we would be swing dancing to Shake, Rattle and Roll. ;-))

Count me in, will there be girls there or should I bring some?

LOL there will be some of course, but feel free to bring your own.

I like this a lot! My goal always has been 103. Then I saw a man running 100 meter and setting a new world record in his age group. The man was 104. So I increased my goal by one year. Why not adding another year? Then we are in sync. And of course I will participate your 105th birthday party - thx for your invitation.

I think it’s not only about positive thinking which can easily end up in wishful thinking. For my positive thinking is the starting point for positive acting. So remain the pilot of my life and do everything to support school medicine to either heal myself of at least slowing down the growth so that it lays behind my natural death (because of other reasons). All the best and let’s keep fighting!

Yes Nusch!

positive thinking is the starting point for positive acting.

Count me in! I have as goal to stay in good share until 90, but I will have to up that :)

This is my official RSVP to your party. For myself and my husband!

Dam Scout! You’re one handsome dude. You look just like my dearly departed brother Mike . I mean really close . You’ve got a great smile …….. team coco rules . Love> Fear !I’m 61 and got this at 53 and was told I’ll never see 80 . For me , I’m not expecting long life . I’m cherishing every sunset and good moment that I can now . Rock on brother! You’ve got love . That’s all that matters! I’m happy that you are optimistic . That sure beats the hell out of suicidal depression that some face . I did for 3 yrs . Skipping that mess is a plus . Proceed with abandon! 🙏💪👍

Flattery will get you invited to all my Birthdays parties for sure Lulu. Not sure who's picture you were looking at but thanks just the same hey, you'll only be 92

I might be a fly on the wall at your party? But I’ll still be there just the same friend . I’m pulling to see 2030 but as we all know no promises given with the #4 bombshell .. 🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊

Live life as if it is your last month on the planet, one of them will be.

Done so! Over 7 yrs now. . Pre pc I lived a full life. Sex drugs and and rock and roll was the mantra for decades . No complaints that it ended. Now I’m monk. Living sin free. 😂☝️❤️🙏❤️❤️

You are a Youngin

Happy Birthday


Thanks Nal, getting younger with every rock step.

Swing dancing at City Gate

Great song ,especially Frank's delivery ! Great way to open the movie well! And a very Happy Birthday to YOU !!!!! Thanks for sharing.

Seriously man, what are you talking about? 120 all the way! 🍾🥂

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Scout4answers in reply to MrG68

LOL Ray Kurzwill ( Futurist and Multi Nobel prize winner) said 10 years ago that if one lived for twenty five more years they would have the chance to become immortal because of advances in technology. 120 here we come...

And here I thought I might get lucky and see 70. Now that is in my rear view mirror. Life Is Good, even at 72 with new mets and rising PSA.

Love this post! Positive thoughts are therapeutic! We are all immeasurably grateful that we live in this modern age of cancer research. On the lighter side, I would rather visualize Sinatra or Sarah Vaughan singing than you, Prince Scout.


Happy Birthday. We'll be there .

Ill dance .....the limbo

Hope you can do that to the ukulele

Scout, would love to be there but... I have a doctor's appointment that day. Ha a fantastic B-day


Scout, I would be happy with 20, but I’ll take 31 yrs. That would put me at 99 yrs old HaHa ! Hope to see you then Brother. Btw: Dr David Sinclair out of Harvard is an expert on aging. He has many approaches we all may use. Resveratol, NMN, Metformin, etc. watch his many youtube presentations on exactly this subject.


Thanks Mike

Know Sinclair well, took NMN for several years.

I'm one of 8 kids. I've lost 3 siblings to cancer. At 72, I've now lived more years than both of my parents and those 3 siblings. I'm the oldest survivor in my immediate family. I'm lovingly called the family matriarch. I could use a good incentive to last another 31 years. If you gentlemen promise to dance with me at Scout's party, I'll attend. In the meantime, I'll practice the Twist and the Electric Slide while I continue to support my spouse who is the reason I follow this board. Thank you all for sharing your stories. Your courage inspires me. 💗 Mary

I only dance with Coco, but promise to find a dance partner for you Mary

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Spyder54 in reply to Emmett50

Patriarch !! ADT not that potent to make you a Matriarch😎

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j-o-h-n in reply to Emmett50

Mary do you know how to TWERK?

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Wednesday 06/08/2022 7:12 PM DST

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Emmett50 in reply to j-o-h-n

Nope. Maybe you can video yourself demonstrating how to twerk. Just send the file.

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j-o-h-n in reply to Emmett50

Here's a demo...(don't try this at Denney's)

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Thursday 06/09/2022 1:02 PM DST

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lewicki in reply to j-o-h-n

To funny.

Happy Birthday Scout hope you had a great day,loved your song by Frank Sinatra (young at heart) it resonates how we should all feel

Congratulation, you'll make 105 easy ! I'll be there, you'll know me by my turbo charged Zimmer frame 🍰🍷.


Brilliant I take it it is a bring a bottle party 🥂 Great posts today. Best wishes

Champaign will be served!

Thank you for inviting Jim and I Scout, we would love to come…. Happy Birthday❤️

Hear, hear!

This is great. It’s hard sometimes to be positive in this mess but guys like you help.

I just put it on my calendar. I'll be 112 so it may be OK to break my no sugar diet for the day and share some cake. Love your positive attitude.

Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday. Looking good

I admire your attitude. I hope you accomplish your goal

That would be the biggest congregation of old dudes since ZZTop’s last tour. If I’m not there, give my piece of cake to Lulu.

Happy Birthday 🎈

Well if you were not a legend before Scout, you are now. I'm in for the 105 club. See you at yours. :)

Put me on your guest list! I’ll be 117 and bring my ukulele. 🤠👍🇺🇸

I have added you to the entertainment list

Happy birthday Scout. Sending regrets on attending your 105th though. I plan on checking out at 99, in just 27 more wonderful years.

Having a plan is the key, 27 is a very good #.

105 card sits on my breakfast room table where I see it everyday and my Mind/Body will know what they have to do to achieve it.

Thanks so much for the invite. Unfortunately my wife and I will be out of town celebrating our 76th anniversary. If our plans change, I'll let you know. Happy bday!

We Will miss you but certainly understand.Happy Anniversary

Happy birthday may you surpass all our dreams Fly high pilot

I’ll bring Ben Gay!

LOL, probably a good idea

Happy birthday 🥳🎉🍾

I accept your invitation. It’s good to plan ahead and have something nice to look forward to.

I’m in no way religious though I do believe in the power of positive thinking and visioning for the future and into becoming the future. It makes planning easier and working towards a goal has always brought me forward at least (hey you win some, you lose some). If I aim for the ground, I’ll probably hit it, but if I aim higher I’ve always gone further than I thought that I could.

See you in 2053, there will be cake 🍰


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Scout4answers in reply to Aodh

if I aim higher I’ve always gone further than I thought that I could.

Right on Hugh

see you in 2053

Just 20 more years....... (can I bring all my wives? the live ones of course)...

Happy Birthday....

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Wednesday 06/08/2022 7:16 PM DST

Love to, but depends on what the Avalanche are doing that night!! Happy many Birthdays.

Thanks Charlie

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