Spots on my lungs

I just started Lupron injections for advanced prostate cancer. I was diagnosed in 2005, had radiation, one cryo treatment and had hoped to quell a rising PSA. That did not happen and I underwent a bone scan and CTscan two weeks ago before my first injection. I learned yesterday that the CT showed two suspicious spots on one lung. The radiologist did not think it looked like migrated prostate cancer. This news left me reeling. I am set to have a needled biopsy to determine the nature of the spots. My oncologist said it could be lung cancer. Any ideas on how to proceed. What to expect. And what questions to ask. I am still a bit bleary from the unwanted news.

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  • Hope the spots are PCa and treat as PCa


  • In 2006 when I was diagnosed they saw a 2 cm spot on my lung, that they were suspicious of, after I started responding to Lupron/zolodex the spot remained the same, and on further review of radiology it was determined to be an unrelated benign event, Not everything they see on scans is Cancer. I would see if it shrinks with Lupron, if it does not, and you are getting a good response to Lupron, It is not likely to be prostate Cancer if it does shrink it likely may be prostate cancer. How big is the spot, and has it grown since previous scans. I do not know how hard it is to get a lung Biopsy, but it sounds not fun,but that would surely answer your question .For me , mine was just a fold in the lung tissue, but caused quit a stir, before it was determined to be benign.

  • Dan, You've relieved much of my anxiety. I would like to see if the spot (s)shrink following Lupron treatment. Sounds like a good first step. Don't know yet how big the spot is. Will add more info as I get it. Many thanks for the good words and advice.

  • To ronton2,

    I had a spot on my lung which they followed for years and did not grow in size. They explained that it could have been as a result of my smoking which I stopped on August 25, 1968. They explained that even though i stopped many years ago, that the damage done is permanent. So my question to you is, have you ever smoked? Hopefully your lung biopsy will prove all is negative. Good Luck and Good Health.

    j-o-h-n Tuesday 04/25/2017 4:27 PM EST

  • Yes, j-o-h-n, I was a smoker but I quit 25 years ago. Thanks for replying. It really helps to hear from men who have experienced this. Good health to you as well.

  • My Dad had a spot on his lung for many years. The doctors said it was a scar when he had pneumonia as a child. Good luck with your health problems.

  • Thanks, Bob. I hope mine is a scar or a benign growth. Had enough of contact with doctors to last me a lifetime.

  • You're welcome.

  • I had 2 lesions noted on PET/CT scan 7 years ago. I was 11 years post seeding for PCa at that point. I had an open biopsy and removal of the tissue in question. The lining of the lung(pleura) was covered with micromets, all prostate cancer. Have been on Lupron for 7+ years and I have had no progression of detectable mets. PSA is slowly rising but still close to 1.0.

    PCa is a best case scenario in your lungs unless it is a benign lesion as noted by others.

  • Thanks DenDoc, I hope for the best case scenario. Does get one a bit on edge contemplating more adverse outcomes. I will keep posting.

  • I meant to add that I was treated in Seattle by John Sylvester, a colleague of Peter Grimm now 19 years ago. Seeds there and external beam radiation here in Denver. I contacted them about PCa in lungs in their huge series of patients. It is indeed a rare event but they have seen it in Seattle.

  • Hi Ron,

    Do you happen to have any x-rays or other imaging that show these spots previously? When I wasDx'd in 1/10, with St 4 disease, imaging showed a spot on my kidney and lung. They still remain the same size today. Good luck with the biopsy results.


  • Joe, Thanks for the good wishes. I was never told about a spot with previous scans, so will have to await biopsy. Does this ever become routine. I am hoping to be less anxious.

  • Routine? I don't think so. As they should, doctors, at least mine, have to do whatever is necessary. I'm seven and a half years with it, and have mets now, but only to bone, not soft tissue. My routine now is watching my PSA tick up by .2 increments over the last several months. I do take an anti-depressant, and that may have helped with any anxiety I had. But, I came in with a great attitude, and that was the best thing I could have done. And, one more thing, laugh, it's good for the soul. Me, I like to brag about my pecs turning into 42B's. jeez...

  • I did find Seinfeld's episode about the male bra--The Bro--pretty funny.

  • Right on Joe!

  • Good luck to you sir, thanks for the post, I do have bone mets all over but no organ involvement that I know of yet, you are doing the right thing my researching and asking others, but I cannot offer any more than that, hang in there and keep fighting.


    jack bishop

  • Thanks, Jack, the men on this site help each other so much. Lot's of positive energy. Keepin' up the fight!

  • You cannot get into the weeds with this---many options exist regardless of the outcome. So calm yourself and await the Biopsies. Praying for you, for a good outcome.


  • Nalakrats, You've become one of my favorite "posters." I sure need to hear that "many options exist. Many thanks for the prayers, too.

  • The spots on lungs can be gotten rid of with chemo. Harder if it is in the Liver. Keep us posted, I know prayer works!


  • Thanks, again, Nalakrats. This is all new to me. I will post after biopsy (not scheduled yet but coming). Prayers back at you.

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