Stress, anxiety, depression, relief via Youtube?

I notice that there are a large number of Youtube videos offering possible relief from the mental torments of life. To see some of them, go to youtube and try any of the following search strings, parentheses optional:

(pain relief) (depression) (anxiety) (stress relief) (guided imagery) (sleep)

You'll see lists of videos offering pictures and music intended to help.

I know these won't work for everyone but they might help some of us. I myself have sometimes gotten more relief from pain (not cancer pain fortunately) from music than from drugs. I keep mp3s of some of my favorite music on my smart phone and sometimes when I wake up in pain in the middle of the night, I turn the sound on the phone way down, put it next to my ear, start the mp3 player, and wake up later to find that I fell asleep and missed the last movement of the piece.

I am curious to know if music or videos work for others. If so, please let us know and share what works for you if you like.

For me, I've gotten relief from Beethoven's Piano Concerto Number 1 and Symphony Number 6, and Dvorak's Symphony Number 8. But I know that there's lots of Jazz, Blues, Pop, and other music that will work.


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  • When I have pain, whether in lower back or a headache, it is usually only when I move, so relief comes from laying still. If I don't need to sleep, I occupy my mind by listening to an audio book.

  • I have found BBC iPlayer Radio is a great boon when I can't sleep. There are thousands of podcasts, radio plays, concerts, you name it to listen to and (unlike BBC iPlayer (the video version) it is accessible world-wide. I invariably find that I doze off fairly quickly and have to recap next time I listen. I sometimes set a timer so that it switches off automatically.

    Regards and sweet dreams


  • Great post! I'm a fan of many youtube video's . Some are guilty pleasures which I won't mention. But, mostly, music and travel video's.. This week, I've been procrastinating by watching and listening to Girl Pool. And France24 and Al Jazeera for news and documentaries.

  • Alan, Beethoven's 6th (The Pastorale) is my favourite piece of music and while I don't have the need for music in bed, I did recently tick off a bucket list item by seeing the Australian Symphony Orchestra perform the 6th at the Sydney Opera House.

    Wonderful performance.


  • Beethoven's 6th is great but once I listen to it I have it stuck in my head for a week. Kinda like having an mp3 player in my brain stuck on playing the same phrase over and over. I guess it is not as bad as it sounds but just writing this response I can hear it coming.

    Here is a link to some nature sounds on youtube; there are a lot of them that run for hours. Play several at the same time for little more of the magic.

  • I compose classical music in my spare time, so listening to it does not make me sleepy -- I find myself analysIng it instead. For stress, I resort to inner guide meditation.

  • Try the nature sounds on youtube that are done without music. Here is the address for one;

  • Not bad. It reminds me of Herman Hesse's novel, Siddhartha. At the end of the novel Siddhartha, now living as a person who ferries people across a river, finds his greatest happiness in just sitting and "listening to the river."


  • I don't know enough about music theory to analyze it, but I do find myself following the juxtapositions of the different sounds and progressions. Perhaps that's what takes my mind off the pain.

    However, I understand your point of view. As a computer programmer I would often listen to music while coding. A friend of mine who worked alongside me is a fine musician. Like you, he told me that he could not listen to music while programming. His mind would concentrate on the music to the exclusion of his work.


  • For anxiety, stress,mild pain, fatigue or shortness of breath i find sitting reclined and mindful breathing (3 slow deep breaths and slow exhales in succession) often helps and sometimes results in a 30-60 minute power nap. Relaxing music helps. I find myself using the mindful breathing several times a day now even when not reclining because it relaxes me and makes me feel better.

  • A man of Culture, that you are. I prefer Beethoven's 9th, for energy. But fatigue and pain of the muscular skeleton system, I refer myself to the Gym; working thru the pain, to a next level, which is beyond what the pain offers, relief for me.

    I would be lying if I did not include the fact that about once about every 7-10 days I need mothers little helper, for me it is Aleve.

    I do use a posture corrector [ComyMed], to keep my shoulders back, and a gravity inverter, which stretches me out, taking pressure off joints.

    On my Birthday, in 2 weeks I plan my annual weight lift, of one repetition of 400 Lbs. I do not work at these levels, usually I stay in the 230-280 lb range--I just check to see if I am maintaining my strength. So I am working to it. Tuesday I took 385, once. It was a struggle--but I think I can make the 400. Not bad for a 73 year old, with high grade Prostate Cancer.


  • WOW! I had been lifting weights for about a year and when I was 20 I tried a 300 pound dead-lift and almost passed out.

  • It takes years to work up to it adding 5 lbs a week. As also I said I usually work in the 230-280 Lb. Range. This is a once a year event. and I may not make it this year. Reminds me when in my early 20's in Manhattan, looking for a parking space, when we spotted a VW Beetle, one of my Friends would take one end of the car and I the other and we would lift it up onto the sidewalk and take the parking space. Now that was a gas, talking about dead lifts. Of course my memory is not as it once was--maybe it was 2 friends and myself---but we sure put it on the sidewalk.


  • I visit my girl friend (when my wife's not around)...

    j-o-h-n Thursday 04/20/2017 12:12 PM EST

  • Rhapsody in Blue. And there's a YouTube video for that with Bernstein tickling the ivories. This being 4/20 I'll confess to having an interest in the 'Weediquette' series on cable.

  • I have already posted about using weed to relax at bedtime. Last night as I sat listening to music and reading popular fiction, I remembered that the music could easily relax me, also. I listen to popular Latin music, and classical. Last night was a mix of both, ending with some Bruckner Symphony #7. It sure made me ready to go to bed, and I really slept well.

  • I love music, all kinds and have since long before PC. It always helps to put my head in a better place no matter how I'm feeling.

  • Burnett1948. I am not getting any pain from my prostate cancer but I have to deal with depression and anxiety. I listen to Mindful Mediation recordings and have started Adult Colouring In which is another form of mediation. It does help in relaxing your body and mind. I have just purchased Beethoven's Symphony Number 6. I am looking forward to listing to it.

  • Thank god you don't have pain.Your peace of mind could contribute to a strong immmune system.I also deal with anxiety and depression.Msditation and the mind is where the power is ..You seam to be doing well..Cudos!

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