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Apatone was granted FDA approval as an orphan drug. Even though Apatone is considered a drug you can buy a supplement called ProsStay .....somehow even though Apatone is patented ProsStay is Apatone sold as an over the counter supplement. I am going to stack ProsStay, Zyflamend, Casodex, Metformin, Avodart, Arimidex, and Cabergoline. This is probably my last post because the above combo is probably fatal but who cares as long as I can take the PCa with me.


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  • Dr. Ward Dean on ProsStay and K3

  • Life Enhancement is Dr. Jonathan Wright.

  • Holy shitoly, I wouldn't touch the stuff Gusgold!

    The Vitamin K is actually a synthetic called Menadione, which is highly toxic. We get plenty of K from our normal diet, it's in everything.

  • Good Luck Gus

  • Gus,

    The patent for Apatone is essentially a patent for a ratio. You can't get a patent for vitamins C & K3, but you can for the 100:1 ratio.

    So it's odd that Dr. Jonathan Wright used that ratio in ProsStay (why not 99:1?). Perhaps he has an arrangement, but there is no mention of Apatone on the label. Or perhaps the patent specifies how the C & K3 are put together, & ProsStay is inferior?

    Odder still, is that it is illegal to include K3 in a U.S. supplement.


  • Patrick

    do you take ProsStay...and if so how many caps per day....seen any results?


  • Gus,

    I still have a supply of the stuff, but have not used it for over a year. I have seen Nalakrats swallowing handfuls of pills, & I used to do that. But sometimes, the body rebels. Note to self: Restart ProsStay.

    I took the suggested dose.


  • Yeah you got that take 30 supplements all of which have studies showing an effect on PCa but your PSA keeps going up....then you take DES 1 mg and drive your PSA to .1

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