The New Gold Standard ?

A five-year study shows that Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) to treat prostate cancer offers a higher cure rate than all other traditional approaches, according to researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The study -- the first trial to publish five-year results from SBRT treatment for prostate cancer -- found a 98.6 percent cure rate with SBRT, a noninvasive form of radiation treatment that involves high-dose radiation beams entering the body through various angles and intersecting at the desired target. It is a state-of-the-art technology that allows for a concentrated dose to reach the tumor while limiting the radiation dose to surrounding healthy tissue.

"The high cure rate is striking when compared to the reported five-year cure rates from other approaches like surgery or conventional radiation, which range between 80 to 90 percent, while the side effects of this treatment are comparable to other types of treatment," said Dr. Raquibul Hannan, Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology and lead author for the study. "What we now have is a more potent and effective form of completely noninvasive treatment for prostate cancer, conveniently completed in five treatments."

My prediction: Is UT BSing us? MIT claims they are close to a 10 minute Killer T Cell treatment with the intent to cure. I wouldn't bet against their beating the odds for all of us... Sure hope so!

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  • Wow, great news. Thanks.

  • Unfortunately, 5 years is not close to allowing anything to be called a new gold standard


  • There is hope for a cure with no further treatment but until then everyone will continue to play the treatment with intent to cure numbers game. Selling a treatment has and always will be a major factor in influencing patients' choices.

  • The 98% cure rate number is suspicious to me too.

    I presume that the SBRT technique is to used to radiate the prostate and possibly the immediately surrounding tissue. For the 98% number to be real, that would require that a minimum of 98% of the patients had organ confined, or near confined, disease. That sounds like the patient population was dominated by early stage Gleason 6 cancers.

    If the population of this study is different from the population of other studies, and different too from the population of real patients, then the numbers become very misleading.

    That's not to disparage SBRT. As I understand it, the technology offers at least some advantages over earlier radiation techniques and, in any case, shouldn't be worse than them. However, like Attitude, I'm thinking this is misleading sales puffery and if so, it's a dishonest disservice to patients.


  • I think you're right. And brachytherapy has about those numbers.

  • Not only did we see a study just this past year proclaiming RRP a 50% better first treatment, but EVERY time I see these "cure" or "PC Survival" or "Time To Progression" or other such brass ring proclamations, the devil is in the details. Often, closer examination reveals that doing squat achieves the same results in such a short time frame. I'd infinitely prefer squat over salvage radiation if their outcomes were similar bell curves.

  • If your reading this review you may be interested in the thread 'Radiation With Antiandrogen Therapy Improves Survival in Recurrent Prostate Cancer' that I posted today.

  • got a citation for this? "MIT claims they are close to a 10 minute Killer T Cell treatment ".

  • A lot of biotech is going on right now and MIT, NYU, the U of P, and Johns Hopkins are in the thick of it. Out here all the majors are joining the chase. All have contributed staff to the Biotechs racing for a product that kills Cancers. I've got three threads going on KTCs, and as the race gets faster I will post more. I'm a big supporter of biological killers because their capable of murdering as many phenotypes as the laws allow.

    I support Capital Punishment for any cell the refuses to obey God's gift of planned cell death. Way back when I was a young man I got very excited about interferon, then after I got an education I supported bone marrow transplantation. Now that KTCs are here I'm not shy about what's coming. I' may be old but I'm still as hard corp as it gets.

    KTCs are as dangerous in their own way but we will tame them soon with Gods help...

    Without overstepping my bounds I'd say check MITs Technology Review regularly. Most people don't understand but DSCs, Bioengineers, Geneticists, and other bioresearchers are often the people behind breakthrough treatments. For the most part Physicians just test them then use them if they work.

    Genetically Engineered T-Cells

    Targeted T Cells for PCa are here, let the Clinical Trials begin...

    Biotech companies are racing to create Killer T Cells that target all cancer, PCa included, by the end of 2017, insuring them untold wealth:

  • so you dont?

    Oh, you mean 10 minutes like a pill takes 10 seconds.

    Here is an article. Kind of wordy.

  • More like the 10 code: 10 …10 till we see you again…or not?

    Yes it has been said that hanging a bag of D5W and getting the KTCs running might start the reaction going in as little as ten minutes.

    If you look behind the door that reading the technology review opened...we find that Juno, the MIT biotech they are extolling was in the race until a couple of weeks ago when their clinical trials were shut down by the FDA. Speculation is that several patients died as a result of toxic shock.

    KTCs can be very dangerous when they work. The massive cancer cell death they cause can leave the body unable to manage it.

    This may be a setback but other Universities and biotechs appear to have developed adequate safety procedures. Personally I'd love to attend their morbidity and mortality committee to get an idea of what happened but I'm sure we will see a journal article on it in the near future. There are always deaths on the way to a cure. Look at how long it took to find a vaccine to prevent Yellow fever. Nonetheless I will still pray for a cure for all of us in our time!

  • Hmm. Focused radiation that converges on target tissue, sparing intervening tissue. Sounds like someone looked at HIFU and thought of applying the focus part to radiation. It sounds promising.

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