Major Prostate Cancer Breakthrough

ADT is not a cure for PCa because the cancer finds a way to defeat it. Most of you guys remember PCSPES..tons of users went 18 years without developing CRPC. But, PCSPES was spiked with DES and some guys got blood clots and the FDA pulled it because it was a supplement spiked with a drug.

But check this out...I talked to Dr. Strum and he said it was a mistake to ban PCSPES because PCSPES worked better than DES alone. I posted a study where Israeli researchers found why cancer comes back. It turns out that when the cancer cells are killed by radiation, chemo, or ADT they release inflammatory proteins. Your body recognizes cancer cells as your own cells and when the cancer cells are under attack, and release these proteins, your immune system goes into action to Protect the cancer cells and help the cancer defeat the very treatments that are used to destroy it.

Holy Cow Nalakrats

Now check out the study below. Casodex + Zyflamend works better than Casodex alone. You get the can make a super PCSPES by combining ADT with Zyflamend Whole Body Inflamation Response. By blocking the inflammatory proteins you can halt your bodies response in protecting the cancer cells. At the very least ADT will work a lot better and this combo may even prevent CRPC.


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  • I remember being bummed that pcspes was not available, My Dr. at the time, who with Dr Small had done research on pcspes, when I told him this put me on estradiol patch which I have returned to 5 times over the years, with a response, in the end I believe I had a withdrawl response from stopping estrogen patches. I remember pcpses was not always the same mixture and some batches worked better than others. It would be nice if we had that choice, I think 18 years is quite a stretch though I think many got 3 years out of it. Low dose DES was proven to lessen the blood clot thing. here is a paper on low dose des

    Here is a study on pspces

  • I know guys who stocked up on PCSPES and are still on it. Your study was guys already have to use ADT + Zyflamend before you are castrate resistant

  • Thanks Gus, great post. I look forward to hearing the views of the groups experts in the use of supplementation. Cheers.

  • Here's a useful review (by a doctor). .

  • I see where Vitacost has a zyflamend concoction that includes those ingredients and more. I have been taking turmeric and green tea extract as separate supplements. There's one that is called Zyflamend Prostate.

  • No, you want Zyflamend Whole Body Inflamation....inflamatory proteins is what you want to block and let Lupron take care of the PCa

  • Check this out from Columbia University...looks like Zyflamend has cytotoxic properties against PCa...but we want to block the inflammatory response dying cancer cells stack Zyflamend Whole Body Inflamation with Lupron, Zytiga or Xtandi but you have to do this before you have CRPC

  • probably over a decade ago, circa 2003, I visited Dr. Katz at columbia Med. He recommended and sold me zyflemend. I used it for weeks/months? with no visible effects, so I stopped. I am not implying anything about this new combo with ADT.


  • My wife discovered Zyflamend for me after I was diagnosed in 2003 and I've been taking it ever since. It's one of several things I credit for keeping me alive a lot longer than the oncologists predicted.

    Note that both Gus's PubMed article & Paul's Ray Sahelian review involve regular Zyflamend. I compared it with Zyflamend Prostate. They have 9 ingredients in common. Zyflamend also has organic oregano.

    Zyflamend Prostate also has selenium, saw palmetto, organic pumpkin seed oil and nettle. So I would say it's for preventing PCa and for BPH. Those of us with PCa should stick to Zyflamend.

  • Read the Israeli want to block inflamation with Zyflamend whole Body Response and stack it with ADT

  • I did. I was taking Zyflamend when I was on Lupron, ditto for Lupron plus Casodex, & ditto for now when I'm on Lupron plus Zytiga. Zyflamend Whole Body has the same ingredients in the same proportions as Zyflamend has always had. What's new is certified non-GMO & 100% veggie capsule.

  • So if you are CRPC the Zyglamend is not for you? Fear the ZYTIGA & Dexamethasone & radium 223 will not stop the crpc & bone mets I have. 4 radium 223 already but my PSA went from 54to 56 last month & some more weakness in legs.

  • Zyflamend is for you, but not Zyflamend Prostate. But supplements alone won't make as big a difference as medications that are working. When did you start Zytiga, Charles?

  • I find it hard to comprehend how a supplement maker can produce and market a product with such disregard as to its components and there values. It's easy to understand why pcspes was removed from the market, it contained a rat poison. Warfarin is not just your average blood thinner. It was developed as a rat poison, you know, for Warfarin Rats, in the holds of ships, and such. Definitely not an ingredient I would want in a supplement I was taking.


  • Joe,

    they added warfarin to prevent blood clots from DES

  • OK Gus, but still creepy.

  • Gus,

    The way that I view it is that any treatment will trigger a knee-jerk reaction where signaling pathways associated with cell survival will be activated. Inevitably, this will involve NF-kB activation. NF-kB is resposible for many proteins associated with proliferation, but most of us know it as the root cause of inflammation.

    I have a series of posts on inflammation. Even low-level chronic inflammation in the absence of any symptoms can adversely affect survival. Inflammation is itself a legitimate target. But if we inhibit NF-kB activation, we inhibit a lot more than inflammation.

    & if we inhibit NF-kB during treatment, we block treatment resistance & extend the effectiveness of the treatment.

    Dr. Myers has complained about BigPharma viewing PCa treatment in terms of a single drug. To my mind, there should be a component of any drug that blocks resistance to the main component.

    When I had radiation on L5 in 2015, I used some polyphenols that had been looked at in radioresistance studies.

    PCa cells react very quickly to radiation or chemotherapy. The kill rate drops off quickly. Polyphenols should give a much better outcome.


  • Patrick,

    I always read your posts about inflamation..thanks to the Israeli research we now know that PCa uses inflammation to trigger a protective response...Zyflamend Whole Body Inflammation is great supplement to stack with ADT because it blocks inflammation and AR signaling

  • Check out my post of 7 months ago:

    "Foods/Supplements-Vitamins: Zyflamend"


  • Patrick,

    Then are you in agreement with Dr.Meyers in his book, he didn't recommend Zyflamend either.


  • Also take methatrexate injection weekly for reuhmatoid arthritis. Do you think this could adversely affect the drugs for the CRPC I AM ON?

  • found this from Memorial sloan kettering page ,they have a good page on supplements

  • Dan59,

    Thank you for the link, I will discuss it with my doctor in April.


  • What is pcspes?

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