Advanced Prostate Cancer

What blood tests should you get at Dx?

What blood tests should your oncologist consider at Dx or later?

(Or what will be the standard of care in 5 years?)

Testosterone and PSA

Calcium and D level



CTC count

(genomic testing, for helping with active surveillance decision)

glucose and cholesterol

I think all of these would be ideal, but your comments?

For me, it was PSA.

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A very good list. I would add DHT and SHBG.



You are lucky, I didn't even get that from my uro prior to brac





gak ?


gak. yes. no PSA test. That seems excessive.

oh gak is not a test. it is a noise. gak. like yuck or yuk, but more choking.


Martin, you know better. Most are important. But doing total Blood Chemistry tests/liver enzymes/blood sugar, every 6 months is on my list.Remember doing D--will give total D2+D3--so you may not know your D3 levels---but the body eliminates D3 quickly, if I remember correctly, so daily supplemental use or sun intake is important. You did nor include the Bone Density--unless you are not taking ADT drugs.

I agree PSA and Testo, are my main tests. I do them every 30 days. Even though I have a Pathology that does not always register, all activity--with recent papers indicating my PSA could actually be reading 15% lower than would otherwise be real---I take that into account by adding 15% to any PSA test.

I know for sure that the Gene mapping is critical for those of us with High Gleason's and Advanced disease. At least, you can follow anything going on out there in the world, relative to new drugs and Clinical Testing relating to your mutations. I know I am Brca-2, and PTEN, and I have a list of all drugs being used against these mutations, and where every trial is, that is working against these mutations. Though not needing these things yet--I am getting prepared. Praying my intense supplemental/drug program, holds for a long time. And if I hold, new drugs and protocols will emerge, So buying time, though not a test, is the most important thing we do. Whether we say it or not--we are all looking.waiting for the cure.


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