Advanced Prostate Cancer
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I often read comments here to the effect that I should find a specialist in prostate cancer. Which sounds good - I like the oncologist I'm seeing, but he's pretty much following the routine - ADT, when that stops working, Provenge, etc.

And perhaps that's best. But I would like to at least talk with someone who's a little more open to other treatments coming on line.

So how do I find a specialist in prostate cancer in Atlanta? Call up the folks at Emory? Cancer Treatment Centers of America? Any suggestions on looking for and interviewing doctors?


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We are searching, too, after our oncologist retired this summer. Our experience with Cancer Treatment Center of America in Atlanta was not helpful since my husband's case history did not fit with the clinical trials they were running at the time. Check the clinical trials database to find out who in Atlanta is running a trial that would fit you. Then start calling.


What's that all about? Am I reading correctly, that CTCA turned your husband away because they had no trial that 'FIT' him?

If that's the case, this is not a cancer center, as much as it is a cancer trial clearinghouse. I know I can't do anything about it if true, but I'm certainly going to look into it. Good Luck, Drummer



The trouble was my husband refused chemo and is still refusing it after the last approved therapy option is showing signs of failing. At the time of his appointment with CTCA, the metastases were in the peri-aortic lymph nodes at the kidney level with no bone involvement. Five years later there is still no bone involvement.

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I can wholly understand that. We're all well aware that chemo is in our future, and we try to put it off as long as possible. It's great news that there's no bone involvement. If your husband's QOL is good, then all the better for him.



The following is only my opinion based on 11 years of experience with prostate cancer.

Selecting an oncologist is no different than selecting any other type of specialist.

You need to determine what you are seeking in an oncologist for example do you want someone who will be aggressive with supplements and drugs. In that case seek out someone like Dr. Charles "Snuffy" Myers or others in private practice who follows that philosophy. The internet and personal recommendations are the best way to search for this type of oncologist.

If you are looking for an oncologist with a more conventional approach those will more likely associated with a major cancer center. These major centers have oncologists, who in addition to seeing patients in a clinical setting, are also involved in research. The downside is that many of these doctors are more scientist than clinical doctor. The upside is these doctors are normally plugged into the latest research and understand what is in the pipeline. I also believe there maybe a institutional bias to treatment recommendations at least in some cases. All of these institutions have websites and you can view their doctors and their profiles. They also have new appointment coordinators to help setting up appointments.

I have had several oncologists and have consulted with many others over the years. I finally found the best one for me. It may take you some time and effort to find the right one for you and you may find over time your needs change and you may need to switch again.

Again this is just my personal opinion and I am not recommending any particular type of oncologist. I only used Dr. Myers as an example and I have no personal experience with him.

Good luck and I hope this is helpful to you

Bill Manning


It is often a good idea to have a local Oncologist who is willing to work with your specialist oncologist. Not knowing how far New Orleans is from Atlanta there is Dr Oliver Sartor in New Orleans, I know there would be a closer one just know Dr Sartor is one of the very best there is in advanced disease. Also you find those specialist associated with major learning centers as Sartor is with Tulane and a number of fine Oncologist are with Harvard. If Myers is closer he is very good too, but last I heard he does not take most insurances, not even sure he is taking new Patients, If you really do not mind a plane flight twice a year to LA, Dr Mark Sholtz is also among the best of the best


Thank you all.


Good Morning Craig,

I live in Atlanta and use the team of Dr. Myers in Virginia and Dr. Vasily Assikis of Piedmont Cancer Institute in Atlanta. Myers does not take insurance and now only takes on advanced, aggressive prostate cancer. Dr. Assikis treats other types of cancers, but he is well versed and current on the treatment of prostate cancer. He takes Medicare and other insurance plans. He used the latest genetic blood test with me.

Best wishes in your search and treatment!


I am Vanderbilt which is a teaching hospital. They are cutting edge with technology and equipment. I feel safe there. They respect my choices. We talk about treatment options and then we make the decision together.


It didn't take long for my new Oncologist to tell me, "No, I'm not a urologist, I'm a doctor of chemicals". It didn't take long for my new onc to get pissed at my new uro, for overstepping his bounds. I like my new oncologist, smart as a whip. I think I need another new urologist.

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Yeah, nothing like turf wars of the "gods". In seven years our uro "god" oh so slowly came down to earth when he realized that my husband was thriving on the non-traditional therapies. Now he is shown off as a model patient to the med school students.

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That's awesome. what non traditional methods? continued joy and health to your hubby xoxo


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