Dealing with crMPc

Diagnosed 4-4-14 DaVinci RP 6-16-14, Gleason 9. Had 39 radiation after Eligard ADT quit working. Now on Firmagon, seems that isn't working now either. Appointment with Oncologist tomorrow and probably will do Provenge treatment along with either Zytiga or Xtandi. Looking at Xtandi because of no steroid needed and can be taken with or without food.

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  • I've been on zytiga for like 18 months. Take low dose prednisone with have had no side effects other than some low energy. My robotic was 12/15 glee 8. My psa went higher after surgery indicating spread prior to removal. I know it's hard at times to keep your head in positive thoughts or just plain denial and you're either living to die or living to love life. I'm writing this while having my yearly bone & ct scans so I'm writing this for me too!!

    I've come to expect that feeling sorry for myself and depression are cyclical. I just stopped 3 weeks of eating meat & dairy cuz wtf it won't make a difference anyway. Now I'm in a better mindset and vegan looks great again.

    Keep your eyes on the horizon, ignore the pebbles beneath your feet and have adventures and make memories!

  • My husband Mike is on zytiga - it is working / PSA .01 from 9 - no side effects yet - been on zytiga for 2 months - he has had radiation & chemo - PSA started to rise so his dr put him on Zytiga after prostate cancer spread to his lymph nodes

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