Hyaluronic Acid and Cancer

Nalakrats check out the Clinical Trial below. I used to take HA with Glucosamine, MSM and Chondroitin Sulfate. I stopped the CS when Dr. Snuffy Myers warned it could make PCa more aggressive. Now evidence suggests HA can promote cancer stem cells, which is enough for me to stop taking it....I am now down to Glucosamine and MSM...eliminated Green Lipped Mussel for the same reason.



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  • Sort ot bizzare. It's an observational study, so no risk to the patient. Why was the study stopped. If they had enough data, why not "end" the study and post the result?

    These guys who do studies seem to feel so free to abandon without any comment their trials. Pfft. What good is "all the work" they did then??

  • Gus: The clinical trial was for women with Breast Cancer-----not all Breast Cancer is started from a Hormonal cause. And Pca and Breast Cancer are not the same. I expect the answers would be found in the Mutations one has. Granted women with Breast Cancer can have the same Mutation as a man with Pca. But, I have made note---and since I am undetectable--there is nothing now to make something sleeping[Pca] to be more aggressive---So I will stay the course. Just not enough meat in the study.


  • Nal,

    What do you make of the study below, which I posted before also referencing HA...if there is a connection could 4-MU be worth taking



  • Gus, to stay simple---HA, is in every cell of the body. The Body produces HA for specific reasons---such as its ligand interaction for cell division. The half life of HA is normally 3 days. So for the body to maintain the youthful amount it needs, it must replace the HA on a 3 day basis. However as we get older, the Half Life reduces to less than 3, with observations being recorded at 2.5, 2, and 1.5 days. This stresses the body that needs the HA for its part of Cell Division. Yes if HA is part of the process of cell division and replacement, then it is a fair assertion, that it would also help Pca, cells also divide and grow,, as they would also use HA.

    So what are we to do---the same thing we do with Testosterone, using ADT--make the body stop producing HA? If we do that we die. It is like the Testosterone riddle, which I truly understand, when at 21 when you have vast amounts of Testosterone you do not get Pca. And at 21 your HA, has a longer Half Life, helping your Joints, Ligaments and Tendons stay Flexible. Yet at older ages, like me, I have Low Testosterone, and my body is trying to keep up with making HA.

    I guess if you have micrometastesis, Pca cells running around your blood--one way to get rid of them would be to have your Blood drained. This will get rid of those little bastards, but you will also be dead. My point being, that if my half life of HA is reduced, and I am having Joint aches and pain, from the reduction of the Half Life---that putting some back should not kill you. Everything in moderation a fellow once said--and a moderate replacement of HA, I believe from my little knowledge will be OK. Remember for 60 years they told you Testosterone will cause Prostate Cancer---Today we know it is the lack of Testosterone that causes one to be a candidate for Pca.


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