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Tumor near sacrum

I have been fighting prostate cancer since 2009. I have had robotic prostatectomy and IMRT radiation and am on third round of intermittent hormone therapy for prostate cancer. I recently found out that I had positive lymph nodes for the first time and a small tumor forming near the sacrum. Can anyone please tell me what to expect with this tumor near the sacrum. If it grows and the hormones do not control it, what can I expect. I would like all the information I can get about a tumor near the sacrum with prostate cancer.

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Are they sure it is even Prostate Cancer, whatever therapy you are on is likely to control the growth, I believe they spotted some growth on my sacrum 4 years ago, expert oncologist wanted to do radiation, local radiation oncologist said it may ruin my quality of life so we did nothing, never bothered me. Truthfully sometimes I believe they can not tell the difference between degenerative bone disease and prostate cancer metastatic to bone. Just be vigilant with your treatments, and make sure you have a medical oncologist specializing in prostate Cancer. where is your psa now?


I will have my PSA measured for the first time in the middle of November. I believe the PSA will be down. The firmagon I am taking did a great job last cycle taking my PSA all the way down to practically nothing; so I am counting on that happening again. I would not want to have radiation again either if I can avoid it. Knowing that you have suffered virtually none from your tumor gives me hope. I also have Crohns disease (in remission) and ankylosing spondylitis. My left hip hurts constantly from bursitis and my lower back is always bad from the ankylosing spondylitis. Therefore it is going to be hard for me to tell by symptoms if anything is going on. Your response greatly helps me. I think it helps to connect with people who have been in the same boat or a similar boat.



Sad to hear you are in pain

We have delt with pain on and off

DMSO with aloe gel ( Biovea ) used sparingly has been a great help times the pain vanished in minutes

You can add other ingredients frankencense .or rosemary essential oils

Just do some reading

Some people where it is legal add medicinal cannabis

PEAPURE helps with the nerve side ..

Magnesium oil ( ancient minerals ) with the musscle side

In bad times I was forever rubbing something on his back

Celecoxib at times helped too 2x 100 mg




Other information about myself. My PSA went from 2.5 to 18.4 in 3 months. Also there is no bone involvement at this time. The tumor is near the sacrum but not on it.


Hi Bub,

They found my PCa in 2010, now I'm on Lupron full time, plus Zytiga. I have mets in my spine, hip, and sacrum. Tomorrow I start Xgeva for bone health. So, the way it worked out for me was, Lupron intermittent until my PSA started to rise, about five years. Then was put on Lupron full time. After another PSA rise just a few months ago, I was put on the Zytiga, which dropped my PSA from 29 to 1. I have no pain from the mets, which is a good thing. I think the most important thing for men like us, is to take a positive attitude. Don't take anything a doctor says as bible. Follow this site, it's your best friend now. These men and women run the gamut of PCa effects and what to do about them. Some work for some, and some not, it's a learning thing. Good Luck on your voyage,

Peace, Joe


I have been dealing with prostate cancer since 1999 when I had a prostatectomy which was not curative. About a two years ago, a bone scan showed a lesion on my left hip (the ilium). my doctor started me on lupron followed by Cassodex. About a year ago, I started Xtandi which had virtually no effect. The Xtandi was discontinued after eleven months and I began chemo with docetaxel and later added carboplatin which I am currently on. Currently the bone scan shows that the cancer has progressed across the sacrum and to the right side of the pelvis. The chemo seems to have slowed the cancer down though there is still a slight progression. In a few days I will have my first PSA reading since having the carboplatin added to my chemo cocktail.

In the interest of brevity, I have not filled in all of the intervening portions to the story. The plan is to continue chemo until January and decide what to do then. There was a time that I didn't think I would make it to 59, in two days, I will be 69.

So what do you have to consider? First, is what you are seeing cancer or something benign?

There are several types of chemo available. The side effects are not as bad as you may have heard though different people have different experiences.

Xtandi works well with some men but not all.

Zytiga also works well with some but not all.

Xgeva can slow bone progression.

DES had a very significant and long lasting effect with me although many doctors are resistant to prescribe it.

There are more options that I am not fully aware of and there are more coming on line.

My advice right now is to make sure your retirement plan will carry you to at least your 90th birthday.


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