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Starting Lynparza

Today I will begin taking Lynparza. It is a PARP inhibitor. Dr. Myers prescribed it after analyzing the results of my recent Guardant360 genetic blood test, which revealed that my prostate cancer has a defective ATM gene. I feel as if I am reaching the outer limits of "normal" treatment, but am excited to start it, as 80% of those on Lynparza achieve a complete remission.

Has anyone else out there taken Lynparza, and if so, what side effects?


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Curious as to where you received the 80% remission info?


My gene analysis also shows that Olaparib[Lynparza}, is a drug of choice for me against the Mutations found in my 315 Gene Analysis. But at this time I am undetectable as to PSA, thru my 3 Drug ADT Protocol, the same one Dr. Meyers uses, and my extreme supplemental program--but at least I know what has a good chance of stepping on my Pca, if and when it rears its ugly head. By the way is Dr. Meyers a Urologist or Oncologist--seems like he plays both roles!



Dr.Myers is a Medical Oncologist and a Pharmacologist. Makes me feel more secure since I take 10 prescription drugs!


Thanks---good luck with the Olaparib.



Thanks for the info. Will reach out to BuffaloBill.


Hi Vandy69

I have been on Lynparza since April 1st 2016. My PSA has been slowly declining from 3.9 to 1.7 yesterday! Obviously I am thrilled with the trend as long as it lasts. (I have a BRCA2 mutation)

I have to say though that I find the medication pretty tough. Always exhausted. I have just started with Wisconsin American Ginseng which supposedly will help with cancer related fatigue.

I am also on Zytiga (now 42 months!) Xgeva, and Firmagon. Off label I take a statin (Crestor), metformin, aspirin and vitamin D3 (10,000 units). I also started with weekly estrogen patches 3 months ago.

I did Provenge almost 4 years ago and finished 6 months of Xofigo this August.

Vandy, I cross my fingers that the Lynparza will work for you too.

Kind regards



Hi Terje,

Thank you for the feedback on Lynparza. In my 4+ years, I have had Lupron, Firmagon, Casodex, Zytiga, high dose Ketoconazole, Xtandi, Metformin, Livalo, Leukine, Somatuline, etc. Dr. Myers believes in using multiple drugs at a time, but my current 10 drug mix was not working, so he added Lynparza and Celecoxib and subtracted Xtandi and Ursodiol as well as several supplements. My mets are confined to lymph nodes, but since my prostate gland has come back (never treated initially as I was metastatic at diagnosis), I am headed for proton therapy.

Cannot wait to see what Lynparza does for me! Keep up the fight.



Hello vandy69,

I'm wondering for how long and in what extend Lynparza has worked for you that time? Could you please send me a short update on this

Greetings from Germany


Good Morning Shumaf,

I got about 10 months of use from Lynparza before PSA started to rise again. For almost 3 months while taking Lynparza, I was also receiving proton beam radiation. My PSA was 2.62 at beginning of this phase of treatment and reached a nadir of .461 at end of proton sessions. Sad to say that immediately PSA started to rise, now at 10.8, cancer moved to liver, and I begin chemo tomorrow.

Everyone is different, but clinical trials of Lynparza give it an average effectiveness of about 9 months. Check your insurance coverage, because in the US it is about $10,000 USD/month retail.

Best wishes. Never Give In

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Hello vandy,

Thanks a lot for the input.

I understand it works for a limited time as many other therapies.

Good luck with the new chemo treatment.

Best wishes


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