At the beginning of August, I had CT and full-body bone scans, which showed some very disappointing results.

There were quite a few issues which show an alarming increase in the deterioration of my condition, but one particular thing was the "atrophic pancreas" on the report.

I have had nausea with every meal, and sometimes frequently even inbetween, although I have several anti-nausea drugs; Ondansetron and Scopolamine patches.

Has anyone else had pancreatic issues? I looked all over the internet about pancreatic atrophy and finally found that treatment can incude taking pancreatic enzyme suppements---so I immediately ordered some, even without consulting my doctors. I'd appreciate any input from others suffering from this thing. It appears to be the cause of much of my nausea and digestive problems.


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  • Although I have no answers Eric.....I'm hoping someone does. Always good wishes and feel good prayers. I'm so sorry you feel so bad :(


  • Wishing you the best. Hopefully someone in the group can give you some advice. Please stay strong!

  • Thank you, Dr_WHO

    From the research I've done, the main cause of my nausea is the pancreatic atrophy, and hopefully, the pancreatic enzyme supplements might help. My primary care doctor is making a house call tomorrow, so I'll get more info, hopefully. I seem to be growing weaker, though, and it's become so difficult to keep going.

    Thank you for your concern,


  • We are all praying for you!

  • What did the doc say Eric? Was he able to help?

  • Eric did you find what caused it and any relationship to PCa? I know if one fellow who dealt with nausea for months. I'm wondering if he has something similar.

    The reason I ask is your title. What is the connection if any. Can you trace any to side effects of meds.

  • No, I can't attribute it to any particular thing, but I signed myself into Hospice Care at Home this evening. It's a necessary step.

    The hospice nurse suggested some fresh grated ginger, or squeezed by a garlic press and added to food or tea for the nausea, and I think it helped somewhat.

    I'm hoping that the pancreatic enzymes will arrive tomorrow, and I'll post it if it helps.

    The atrophied pancreas came as a complete surprise, but it does explain the digestive problems and nausea that have plagued me for months;

    Thank you for your interest,


  • wow.. I'm impressed.. these remedies are old tried and true type, do no harm remedies.. I love it..

    hospice is really amazing.. and it sounds like you have some great support..

    AND, of course, no one more deserving than you, my friend. You've been a friend to all of us, a support, sharing through all of your own trials and efforts..

    let us know how this works.. ginger tea is also really good...

    I wish we could all learn some of these remedies..

    bodywork, body touch and acupressure points that you can do on yourself..

    massaging your hands.. using water to soak your feet.. soak your hands..

    smell and aromatherapy.. these things all add so much quality of life and help us get our bodies in balance..

    yes, I hope the enzymes come tomorrow...

    thanks... and waving to you Jackie .. your other fan.. I know she's on here encouraging so many.. her generosity and yours is outstanding along with ALL of our efforts to share.. xxoo ....

  • Thanks Genie ;) Waving back and sending hello's and hugs. I so much wish and pray for Eric to feel better along with everyone else. Eric is one of the great ones as I'm sure so many are ;) Hugs for all. I'm having more phone issues with virus and computer issues too. Forgive my lack of involvement. I need to get another with top notch virus removal ware. I'm so technically challenged ;) Most sincere,



  • I'm very sorry to hear of this problem. You are strong in the way you have been fighting PCa and you'll do as well on this. Hopefully, someone in this group has something that can help you. My only suggestion is to consult with a specialist on pancreas. He/she could have seen a similar case in his practice or may be able to consult with fellow specialists. I wish you the best and I'll be praying for your recovery. Take care.

  • Cericwin--I am not a doctor--you mention other issues discovered by the CT but did not elaborate. But if you have Bone mets your in a new category. If not,and if the cancer has escaped it usually heads to bone and rarely to soft organs first--not till you get into stage 4, do organs get affected. But nothing is 100%. There are cases of small cell prostate cancer where it goes everywhere when out and about. Your pancreas issue is probably another issue. Taking Pancreatin from a product called Mega-Zyme--from is best Pancreas booster. Can also be used between meals to strip cancer cells of their outer core of fibrous material making them vulnerable. Also bromelain can be added for digestion--and you can consider Peppermint Plus. Getting a Juicer and getting into a Juicing diet to go along with your regular diet may be beneficial taking work load off of the Pancreas. Eating raw fresh pineapple after eating meals with high protein[meats] eases digestion.

    Appears you need a well designed nutrition diet, under the heading of Nutritional Healing, taking the fight to the cancer while helping your general health.


  • Nalakrats.. I forget about the bromelain.. so good.. and peppermint... so good..

    for some remember the old chamomile teas...

    when my stomach feels off, a friend reminds me to make a little hot water with lemon squeezed and sure enough it helps.. it actually balances my ph.. worth a try..

    wish we all could have the time..

    wish we all didn't have to jump so many obstacles to get to what we want to do which is relax into things.. let the answers come.. stop running down the road..

    and, of course, friends.. this WISH is for myself...!!! if you hadn't guessed by now..

  • Are you doing okay Genie? Hugs and prayers

  • So sorry you are feeling bad. Praying this supplement will help.

  • Yo Eric,

    Sorry to hear this news. All I can say is keep up the fight, bro.


  • Maybe a tad of topic Eric, but have you conferred with Chuck Maack about this? I haven't seen many of his posts lately.

  • Thank you.. Chuck Maack has had his own health issues recently, a small stroke, and he's recovered and is at home doing very nicely, but I will not trouble him with my own problems until he's feeling 100%

    I entered hospice at home care yesterday. The nurse suggested some fresh ginger root, grated into food or tea, also squeezed by a garlic press, and it's helped somewhat.

    Thank you, and everyone else, for your interest. All of us have nausea from time to time, but the nausea from an atrophic pancreas can be very difficult.


  • I don't know how you do it. I hope you find relief soon.

  • Yes, at times I don't know how I do it either, but I'm getting so very tired, and I feel lousy all of the time. I'm considering starting hospice care soon. It's becoming more important for quality of life rather than longevity at this point. I have so many little things going wrong with my body and also skeletal issues now, and I require more care. If I had immediate family to help care for me, and not so many other physical problems, I'd be continuing to fight tooth and nail.

    At this point, all I have to do is to say the word and I'll be in hospice care at home almost immediately. I've been under palliative care for two years now.

    Thank you so much for your concern and interest, and your kind words.


  • Putting the other problems aside, I hate to see you suffering with nausea in your remaining time. Have you tried marijuana, which is well known for fighting chemotherapy nausea? Are you in a medical marijuana state? If not, I hope you have a safe way to acquire some. But I f so, the dispensary can help you choose the best strain.

    The supplements are a good idea & I hope they're helping. Don't expect MedOnc's in general to know much about supplements, let alone marijuana. Integrative medicine oncologists, like Donald Abrams, M.D., at UCSF's Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, know far more. Perhaps you have a local one, or can just figure things out for yourself.

    I also recommend marijuana--a strain like cookies, &/or some hashish--to enhance your mood. Some of us find that it improves our mood significantly, whether we're in a good, bad or indifferent mood to start with. All this without the negative effects of alcohol, which is unreliable at best for this purpose.

    I don't pray but I'm pulling for you, Eric!

  • Eric, you've been an inspiration and a warrior for many of us with this terrible disease. Pancreatic problems can really mess us up. A clear liquid diet and digestive enzymes for a few days helped mine. Hang in there brother!


  • Thank you so much, WayneP--I find if very encouraging that the enzymes worked for you. I ordered them and am expecting them in the mail either today or tomorrow, and I can hardly wait. I've been feeling so extremely ill lately, from a variety of different things, if I can relieve just a couple of symptoms, it will be a blessing.

    I think that you're the first one I've heard from who had a similar problem to my own.


  • Eric my prayers are with you. As I read through this blog I have tears in my eyes. You have been and continue to be an inspiration to me and the rest of us in our battle with this hateful disease. Your our hero that fights PC and encourages the rest of us to fight the enemy PC too. May God be with you in the fight.


  • Hi Dennis,

    I can't thank you enough for your kind words. While I have inspired some others, I have received such inspiration and encouragement in return which have made my situation easier to bear, and which give me a feeling of usefullness and help me so much to keep going.

    But I've become so worn out and tired, with so many things going wrong with my body that I placed myself in hospice at home care on Thursday.

    I will write a post about these developments over the weekend, to keep everyone informed---I feel that even going into hospice care will be of interest and informative to others.

    Again, thank you so much and thank everyone else. There are certainly a lot of very fine and caring people on Health Unlocked.

    Regards, and my best wishes and prayers to everyone on this journey,


  • Eric thinking of our journey makes me think of my father. When he was diagnosed with dementia and was loosing his memories he told me not to worry about him he was just starting a new adventure. Later when we were in his hospital room waiting for the inevitable he looked up at us and said my new adventure is starting. He passed an hour later. I will never forget that. I think there is a new adventure waiting for all of us. God will call us when it's our time to start it.

    It's not time for your adventure to start yet. Your helping all of us still in this adventure to make the best of what we have.

    Hang in there Eric


  • You're such a special soul Eric.....

  • I don't think I'm so special. I'm just a poor dumb sap who happened to be inflicted with this accursed disease. But if I can help some others going through similar things, at least it gives me a sense of purpose. I'm going to continue writing about my experiences in hospice at home care for those who may be interested. I seem tohave acquired a following and owe it to those who have been so supportive, to share these things with them.

    I hope and pray that both you and Elgie are doing well,


  • YOU ERIC.....ARE....SO SPECIAL!!! You have a following because you are helpful, kind, caring, loving, sharing, gentle and inspiring. You are one of my HERO'S ♡

  • Eric, when I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, you where the first one to welcome me. You are giving me strength. Please know that there is a leagion of people that care for you!

  • Thank you, Dr_WHO,

    It's so frightening when we're first diagnosed with Stage IV, and we need all of the help, support and encouragement we can get.

    I have a very unusual case---(they're all unusual---prostate cancer varies wildly from individual to individual). Most guys last longer than myself, and go through more different treatments, but I have a lot of physical problems, and I'm too weak for chemo now.

    I never even expected to last for these past four years after diagnosis, since I had such extensive lymph gland involvement, but I'm still here, and just because I have entered hospice care doesn't mean that I'm going to pass away soon---I must rest from the fight, and quality of life is my most important consideration at this point.

    I've never thought of myself as particularly strong or courageous, but I have found the strength within me to face these things head on, and if I can do it; anyone can.

    The very best of luck to you,


  • Just know that you had a positive effect on people. I unfortunately know about rare prostate cancer. I have ductal which effects about 0.4% of men with prostate cancer (T3N1Mx, ductal Stage 4 D1, G 8). Most doctors do not know how to treat it, or even test to see if it is under control (about 20% of the time you can have non-detectable PSA while it spreads).

    You are a champion for us Stage 4 people. Please focus on what is important for you. We are in your corner!

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