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Oxybutynin and incondanence

I am about three months post surgery and up to a week ago I was still leaking between 300 and 600 grams a day. I am currently under hormonal therapy and will start scavenging radiation once my leakage is under control. I may be at that point thanks to oxybutynin. I was taken it before the operation to control sudden urges. It has worked wonders. I am now down to 10 grams or less a day. The doctors do not mind me taking oxybutynin again. Have others with leakage issues seen positive results with oxybutynin?

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I have had good success with it. I take it twice a day and have very little leakage. Good luck.

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Glad that the Oxybutynin has had such a good result. Thank you for sharing it so that others might take advantage of it. FYI- I think that everyone understood, which is the most important fact, but the radiation after failed surgery is salvage, not scavenging.



What's that ... a pad or two a day? I've 12 years out of surgery, have seldom leaked that lightly, and the post-RRP incontinence specialist who tested me at length said not only that my leakage was not only normal but in fact her target result with incontinence intervention of any sort is 1-3 pads a day.

I don't recall whether Oxybutynin helped me, but it plugged my colon in no time. I'll take pads any day over constipation.

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I usually got about 250 grams per pad. I stopped using oxybutynin because my tongue became so dry that it would crack and bleed. My leakage got a little worce after radiation treatment, but still less than 20 grams a day.


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