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I have Advanced Metastatic Prostate Cancer. PSA 1128. Diagnosed in 2012. Still going. Side effects from Hormone injections. Life changing. Live on my own now. Lack of understanding from family. Can't help that. I try and have the best quality of life I can. financial problems now that can cause worries at times. Wish everyone all the best. Sharing helps. Pain mamagement is important. 

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  • Wish you all good,  peace and happiness.   Continue to try and have the best quality of life :)

  • Dave have you tried some of the services that help cancer patients pay for their copay for cancer treatments? Patient Access Network and the like non profits will help depending what medication you take and your income. They are helping me with zytiga and Xgeva right now. 

    I have found that CBD helps me with my pain and chemo sickness. Look at  ( www. ) and ( ) for pricing and information. I hope this helps you.


  • Many Thanks Dennis. I will have a look at what you have suggested. I worked all my life till I got ill. Doctor thought I had pulled something in my left leg. So did I to be honest. Six months later with me on crutches and loss of weight I got sent for a MRI Scan. The rest is history as they say. Hospital apologised  though I do not blame them. I am doing okay. I follow Oncologists instructions, though I now have experience of my cancer and can ask questions without a problem. 

    Thanks again



  • I salute a fellow warrior....and understand and applaud everything you have said...

  • DaveDD386,

     My heart goes out to you our "Brother of the bonny blue ribbon". Yes, others treat your differently. In my experience, I am convinced my five brothers treat me like I brought this cancer into the family. Sad day when I realize my low PSA, high Gleason PCa could be passed on to my son. He takes precautions now, more than I did.

     I am not certain I could be as successful with my chronic medical condition in this small town without the support of my RN spouse, support group and listening urologist. Staying mentally engaged, moderate diet and 2-3 times a day exercise helps me maintain a moderate QOL. 

    Best of life to you,



  • Hi Pete G,

    appreciate your message. I relate to maintaining some level of fitness. I recently attended a six week course run by Cancer Team near where I live and the Nurses and Counsellor who ran course all endorsed the view of keeping fit, watch your diet and try and build a support network. 



  • Dear Dave,

    I'm so very sorry to hear that.  Sadly, it is a common experience of many who are living with serious health issues, PCa being no exception.  Friends disappear, family has difficulty coping, and on and on.

    Through all of that, we sometimes question ourselves.  "What did I do to deserve this?"  From there, it's easy to start beating ourselves up.  Doubly-so when also using hormone therapy, and its psychological side-effects, especially depression, itself a serious and life-threatening illness.  If you haven't already done so, please review the signs and symptoms and seek help if you must.

    We can't control our failing bodies, nor those in our lives who haven't yet developed the necessary skills to support us in our journey, but we can, and must, control the things we say to ourselves.  We can choose to treat ourselves with kindness and compassion.  PCa is not some kind of perverse divine punishment.  We did nothing to deserve any of this.

    Please stay in touch with this group, and ask for support if you need it.  I wish you all the best, and will do my best to listen.

  • That seems to be a common theme of those who have cancer. In my case I have the complete support from my wife.  From my children, family and friends I would describe their attitudes as indifferent to challenges that I face because of this cancer.  They may have to go through it themselves to gain some empathy.  Despite this I decided about 5 years ago that I would do my best to give service to those that I meet who can use some help.  This has made a big difference in my entire outlook on life.

    Good Luck to You


  • I find myself in a very similar situation, except that I don't have immediate family, and

    I manage to remain financially stable---my medical expenses are all covered, thank God.

    I fight this disease alone, yet I'm not completely alone with the help and support of the wonderful people on Health Unlocked and other sites.      I no longer have a face-to-face support group, and I can't travel, so at least I have a number of friends online.    And just a few real friends who stick by me.

    But I'm not complaining; I have everything I need, and I just have to get from day to day.    


  • side note if you are having hot flashes from the hormone injections there is a shot they can give you it is Medroxyprogestrone. This does not for women, it worked for me I have been on Eligard (Leuprolide) for almost 2 years now no hot flashes. just thought I would pass it along Keep the faith.

  •  Thanks Tiombard

    appreciate what you are sharing. I have been on Homone injections for 4 years. Hot flushes can be challenging at times. No one  I see, Oncologists or Cancer Nurse have mentioned a drug that I could be given with regards to hot flushes. I am going to ask when I am at Hospital next.

    Thanks again



  • Dave, I do all of my doctoring through the VA

    They were the one that suggested the other shot worked great. Good luck.

    Good thought,


  • I have had success mitigating hot flashes with off-label  use of low doses of Effexor. 

  • Dave, I wish you the best, Please keep us informed how you are doing brother.

    Keep the faith


  • Thanks Dan,

    I intend to keep in touch. I live with my Labrador. Family gone elsewhere. I have good acceptance though and have got used to being on my own. Sometimes though I can feel a bit alone. I joined this website to try and get some sort of support network. 

    I am alive still which is great. I was diagnosed with widespread mets PC and life expectancy was shortened. I have already lived longer than was expected. Has I said I have good spirit and have a good positive outlook. Its been a hell of a journey though.



  • That's awesome Dave, You are not alone many in here with high grade metastatic cancer , and it seems we all support each other, and are there for each other.


  • Dave,

    Sorry that your family has not been more supportive.  I think that you will find this group more supportive and informative.


  • Hi Dave, 

    Widespread mets too and PSA 2700.  Outlived 6 month prognosis by 6 months and feel great, not too bad of pain.  Side effects of hormone therapy are terrible by better than chemo.  Did you do docetaxel?  Good luck to you.

  • Thanks for your sharing your experience with me. No Chemo yet. I had Radiotherapy to most parts of my skeleton including my Skull. Radiotherapy is good for pain relief though they have to be careful as it can cause the cancer to spreading further. I read an article recently that those who get diagnosed now with Advanced PC get chemo straightaway. I live in Ireland and have been able to get a medical card which helps with cost. I know some people have the view that those who can't pay get treated differently. My own experiences are that I am treated well whenever I have seen Cancer team and GP. At the moment my blood pressure is an issue. Side effect of Hormone Treatment. I had no issues with Blood pressure in my life till I got cancer and Hormone treatment. 

    All the best and good to share with people who understand.



  • So sorry to hear that you have family and friend problems on top of everything.   What is wring with them?  I am lucky that my family and friends have been nothing but supportive.  Wishing you well.

  • Thanks NiallMcC.

    Its days like today where I have been down to seafront. Been able to be out in fresh air. I appreciate what I have today. Yes it would be great to have family around though I could dwell on all the emotional stuff that family brings. I am a sensitive man. All the female hormones I have had injected me over the last few years has made me more emotional. A Nurse said to me that I am going through the menopause!!! That made me smile. All the best to you. Regards Dave

  • Dave, 

    My sex life has been non existent since I was diagnosed, but you know what?, I am probably closer than ever to my wife of 43 years.  Sure we had a lustful time, but being honest, she is also my age and desire does diminish naturally.  We kiss, cuddle and have a laugh at my now tiny shrunken penis!  We are bonded by love and my condition.  Like you, I have a perpetual menopause, but so what! We're alive.  I'm lucky to have siblings, children and grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc so my family is brilliant.  Don't think that you can't have relationships if you don't have sex.  Sharing life is wonderful and sex is fantastic but not the raison d'être!

  • Amber pharmasutical and CVS pharmasutical have excellent programs to cover zytiga, xtandi and other cancer drugs.

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