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Looking for a PCa specialist in the Nashville TN area


My husband passed away last year from prostate cancer. I now have a family friend who has been on "not-so active" active surveillance.

His PSA began rising at age 70, doubling time was 3-4 years. PSA was 7.7 in January at age 71, biopsy - one area of one core was "suspicious" for Gleason 3+4.

PSA in late September was 19. Doubling time of 7 months. He's returning for another biopsy with his urologist next week. I suggested that he go to Vanderbilt for his repeat biopsy and begin meeting with an oncologist. Does anyone have a recommendation for the best of the best in Nashville?

Thanks for any help you can give. It's a good feeling to be able to help someone else through this.


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Hi, Cindy. My husband is being treated at Vanderbilt. We sought an oncologist there after an unfortunate experience with a urologist in Knoxville. Everyone at Vandy has been great ! However, there is not an oncologist there who treats prostate cancer, exclusively. There are MANY excellent docs on staff, at least the reviews that are posted would indicate that this is the case. Our oncologist is leaving at the end of December and just yesterday, I posted an inquiry regarding moving to a hospital/teaching center where he can be seen by an oncologist whose ONLY focus is prostate cancer. We are thinking in terms of moving to a prostate cancer specialist (oncologist) and using a med onc at Vandy as our "local" doc. Seems a lot of guys have this sort of arrangement. And it makes sense to us. (My husband's cancer is Stage 4 and has metastasized. He was diagnosed in June 2017at the age of 61. He is (ironically) otherwise fit and healthy. Fortunately, we are retired and are able to travel to wherever we might decide to obtain treatment.

I would be happy to answer any other questions you might have. And I wish you and your friend the very best outcome. This forum has been invaluable to me.

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I would be interested in hearing what you all find out. I am also being treated at Vandy & it appears my situation is similar to yours. In the last 7 years I’ve had surgery (castrate removal), Lupron, chemo & now Zytiga for a year.

RPB6 in reply to RPB6

Ha! It’s early - I obviously meant prostate removal! 😎

Jscjac in reply to RPB6

I will definitely keep you posted. Thanks to info from Tall Allen and Nalakrats, we at least have some good starting points. I have also written down names of other (highly recommended) prostate docs that I have seen folks on this forum mention. It is encouraging to me to read that you are in year seven. 🙃

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Thanks much!

Unless he has incurable PC, he should be seeing a urologist who runs the AS program, not a medical oncologist.

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