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turps after brachetherapy

I saw my consultant last Thursday he wants me to have a bone scan,  I am having the scan tomorrow he also mentions self catheter or fitting permanent catheter I have tried self catheter that's a no go for me to painful and  fitted one I hear can give me constant infections other than that he is talking about turps operation any advice on the turps after having had brachetherapy  10 years ago  in march 2006 would be much appreciated he talks about the risk of incontinence with that but he is the one who offered it so there must be a reasonably chance that it would turn out ok as I say any input would be very much appreciated don't ever forget lads we never know what is just around the corner regarding treatments best regards to everyone who is on this journey   Dave  

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A Turp is not a big thing and should help with the urine flow. 


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I had Brachytherapy exactly six years ago next month.  Just had a TURPT last Wednesday and the TURPT was truthfully "a piece of cake.. Only negative thing about the procedure is that I am now wearing a temp catheter which will be removed Thursday 4/7.  My SE of wearing this cath is that there is pressure pain (bladder spasm) for a few seconds when sitting on the pot to do a number 2 job.  Apparently the bladder muscles want to do their thing but are fighting the dang Foley balloon instead.  

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I unfortunatly have had 5 TURPS, the second of which left me incontinent and it (Incontinence) has worsened with each subsequent TURP.   

FYI: I have had repeated TURPS because of constant re-occurrence in my prostate which nobody wants to remove now  because I had it externally radiated 13 years ago. 

Good Luck,


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Thanks lads  I suppose I will just have to think long and hard about it my trouble is I am constantly in and out of the toilet 6 to 8 times is the norm at night and during the day I,m in and out especially  first thing in the morning  I just cant seem to empty my bladder I  can be in and out 4 times within an hour 50 to 100 mil each time ,some of the tablets I have been put on do seem to reduce my flow but not the amount of times I have to rush to the toilet I cant do the self catheter to painful I have been told my choices are self catheter constant catheter or turps nice choices good job us old boys can take a joke


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