Hi Guys,

I was diagnosed age 59 in 2014, with a PSA of 11 and a Gleason score of 7, 4 plus 3. My prostate was removed 9/14. Three months later my PSA started to go back up, so next step was broad beam radiation of the Prostate bed, 39 treatments finishing on 4/1/15. My PSA is now 0.015 however I had bad reaction to the radiation. First was the extreme fatigue which after a year is getting better, second was proctitis that lead to a cauterization procedure of the colon to stop the bleeding. Four months and two more doctors latter things are starting to get better.

Man, when does this ride end. 

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  • Yes RT the gift that keeps on giving, good to see your numbers are in the  0 club, new here myself the Site that is, DX in 2009. Took about a year for my proctitis to clear up, now I have cystitis bugging me. Welcome to the new normal. Every day I open my eyes is a good day,when I stand up its even better. Hang in there. I was 56 when DXed.

  • Hello John 438,

    Unfortunately for some of us, the "ride" appears to never end. I am in my 24th year of continuing presence of cancer cell activity "somewhere" (imaging unable to identify location of activity that why, when stopping ADT medications, my PSA elevates). Frankly, all things considered, you appear to have been successful in hopefully ridding yourself of our insidious men's disease.  But even here, we just never know.  I have often said for anyone diagnosed with any form of cancer: "Ever Vigilant."  You don't mention if erectile function and continence have recovered and all in those areas are well.  Pleased to learn you appear to have been otherwise successful in your treatment.  In the meantime, John, this forum will be available for any further concerns you may have.

  • Erectile function, nope. Continence yes. 

  • Hi John,

    Welcome to the group.  I find it frustrating when men are told that radiation is non-invasive.  It just isn't true and it is about time that the medical community be more honest.  How often do I hear the words that radiation is the gift that keeps giving.  We need more honesty and candor from our doctors.


  • The only reply I got, when I asked about side effects of RT was don't trust a fart. I wonder how years of study for that one

  • John438 Hang in there. I am sorry you have had so many problems.

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