Advanced Prostate Cancer
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55 year old with a rising PSA...what do you guys think?

55 year old out Gay man posts his story...what do you guys think?

My new doctor did my first ever PSA test. He called me immediately

when the results came back with a PSA reading of 6.0. Then last month

another PSA test came back at 7.0. He then sent me to a urologist. I

currently no symptoms of prostate cancer or enlargement.

On Friday, a prostate biopsy was done and was told that the results

would be within four days to a month.

The doc said it didn't appear that my prostate was enlarged, so he

took twelve samples -- six from each side for lab analysis. This is

totally freaking me out and would like some advice as to what I should

consider. By the way the doc said that I only have a 30% chance of

having prostate cancer, but I always assume the worst ... and hope for

the best.

I see reports of guys having radical rostatectomy and read their

stories about incontinence and impotence. I keep telling myself that I

like my prostate because it controls one of my favorite body parts.

So, right now, surgery is out of the question. I've heard from one guy

who had seeds inserted with radiation control and now is currently

cancer free. Is that possible?

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Waiting for pathology results is like waiting for the other shoe to drop: anxious and uncomfortable. This writer's message conveys both of those feelings while posing only one question: can you be cancer-free after treatment with radioactive seeds?

I don't know the answer to that question. I will only offer that my interest in sex with a partner who ejaculates potentially radioactive semen might be diminished. There are some glow-in-the-dark possibilities that might be interesting, but on the whole, I'd rather play with someone a little less, well, radioactive.

I don't have any experience with the seeds, but attacking tissue often creates scar tissue. I wonder whether the seeds might have an effect on the treated prostate; perhaps diminishing sensation (I'll admit--orgasms are more in my head now) or diminishing the amount or the quality of ejaculate.

The writer stated "right now, surgery isn't an option". Surgery isn't even on offer until the results are in. Time seems to stop when you're waiting for those results. It can't be helped.

My urologist's nurse told me that longer wait times for results often foreshadow a positive result because the slides are sent to another lab for confirmation. There is some comfort in knowing that two people agree there's a problem. Will that shoe *ever* fall?

If the diagnosis turns out to be cancer, at least be open to the possibility of a radical prostatectomy if you're healthy enough for surgery. It's nice to ejaculate and it's nice to bone up like a fourteen-year-old, but it's also nice not to have metastases. Prostate cancer is usually slow to develop and gives you time to consider your options. Use that to your advantage and make the decision that is best for you, but only after studying all the avenues.

p.s. The decision that is best for you may not necessarily be the one that is best for your penis. May I respectfully (alright, snarkily) point out that you get to be in charge. In most cases, our scintillating personalities are missed more than our penises. If I keep at this, my personality will be mistaken for a penis.

p.p.s. Hang in there. And I hope you get a reprieve, sir.

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You are worrying unnecessarily at this time. You have not gotten back the pathology results. Take a deep breath, enjoy your life and calm down. If the results come back that you have prostate cancer you will probably have plenty of time to have the results confirmed and learn about your options. Depending upon the results you might not need any aggressive treatments which would have an effect on your favorite body part.


Start your decision process by referring to

Good Luck,

Clint Meek


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