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The doctor won’t let me be on adhd medicine cause of my anxiety. Anyone else experience this ?

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I had the opposite, I was told it should help manage my anxiety once the racing thoughts and distractions were turned down. Plus there are types that aren't stimulants so that seems strange to me they would reject giving them to you. Sounds like you might need to talk to another doctor.

I was worried about trying stimulants due to anxiety and recent experience with panic attacks.

Doc said it often helps anxiety-- if it's stemming from adhd, particularly overwhelm.

Hasn't cured it, but it's really helped.

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Since you brought up recent panic attacks and you're female, you didn't perhaps switch birth controls or anything lately have you? I went through a long phase of crippling panic attacks until I realized it was the specific type of pill I had switched to because it was magically gone when I changed again. Just thought I'd bring it up since I wish someone had told me! The doctors had no idea. Hormones are weird

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Thanks for asking, but nope. No meds at all. Not too sure what that was all about tbh. Just two or three over a few months, not even stressful months, then nothing.

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Hmm, well I hope you figure out the cause or they never come back, it's a terrible thing to experience :(

hello,its very common for those of us with ADHD to also have anxiety. For me personally, my adderall helps my anxiety alot to point where i dont need any other medication. Some people in this group have mentioned that stimulant meds make their anxiety worse. So i guess it just depends on the individual. In conclusion, the only way to find out is to take a stimulant medication and if it makes anxiety worse then stop taking it. Did you ask your doctor to elaborate on their thought process around not prescribing any medication at all for your ADHD?

One psychiatrist had me on Wellbutrin and stimulants. Another psychiatrist wouldn’t let me be on both because he said it would cause too much anxiety. Each dr is different and you should do a lot of your own research and find alternate medical opinions . The best Doctors for me are the ones who let me suggest and agree on a treatment plan instead of commanding me.

Mine was worried about my blood pressure becoming elevated and anxiety, so he put me on a non stimulant adhd med called strattara. He also put me on colonidine for anxiety. I also take Effexor and Buspirone. I seem to be doing alright! I was only diagnosed this summer.

my psychiatrist said the same thing to me

I think you need a different provider- one who understands that meds can alleviate anxiety because they help us manage our lives and deal with the things that overwhelm and daunt us. The reasonable approach would be to start at a low dose, see how it goes, and increase as needed. ADHD meds 101 is that, while they rev up people who don’t need them, they have a calming effect on those who need them. (Although I do think maybe Adderall is the exception! 😳) I think you would find that with the right meds your anxiety would greatly increase. If a prescriber doesn’t get that, and is not willing to help you acheive that, I say move on…I’ve been denied meds and have been accused of having anxiety and depression instead🙄Idiots.

Yes i had this problem w my Dr before last. Now i am having trouble getting my antidepressant raised bc i am also diagnosed w Bipolar 2. That medecine can lead to mania in some people. So my depression is not getting btr. She did increase it a tiny amount, so small blessings. Sometimes i think Drs just make blanket judgements abtnegative side effects even tho they affect only a small percentage of those who take the med. Sorry if this doesntanswer your question but i needed to vent. With anxiety ive only tried Adderall one month and it did seem to increase my anxiety somewhat. From what others have said maybei shld have tried again w another type of ADHD med. Its a process of trial and error so keep trying to get your needs expressed.

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