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AD(H)D online support meetings

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I am looking for online support meetings for people with ADD/ADHD you don’t need to pay for. If anyone knows anything I would be so grateful, thanks! :)

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Hi I've been thinking of doing this as well....i guess all we need to do is start a whatsapp group or something and take it from there. I really think there's a need for ADHD Anonymous groups

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Stonesfan in reply to pragman

There are many good "rooms" in thr voice only meeting app "Clubhouse".

Join / download (Mobile phone only) Clubhouse app.

Then search rooms with "ADHD" in the title.

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ServiceSloth in reply to pragman

I would love this. Im in a few 12-step groups and have often wondered why some of the mental diagnoses dont have an Anonymous group. Im sure the Clubhouse ones work for whomever go to those, but I know my RSD wont allow me to get onto that celebrity heavy platform. Too much personal baggage. That Im happy to unpack in our Zoom one! 😅 I know starting an actual Anonymous group may be a bit of work to make it official...? But nothing stopping us from joining a meeting someone wants to make a regular weekly thing off of their account that can hold a 1-1.5 hour meeting. Thanks yall, lets keep the idea going. And eventually take action😁

Yeah, I agree...I run away from social media as well because it brings out the worst in me. A weekly zoom/Skype/Google meet sounds really nice. I"m game for it. We could just start meeting and figure out what to do next. We can figure out the 12 steps that work for ADHD as we go along.

It depends where you live? I know UK has free ADHD online support groups

Seems like I‘m not the only one who thinks an online meeting is something I would profit from 🤗I just got my diagnosis and although I have been struggling with neuro diversity my whole life this would be a first for me so I don‘t really feel comfortable being in charge of it. Also I live in Europe so I‘m not too sure what times would work with different time zones although I think an international group would be super interesting!

Should anyone feel compelled to start something I‘d be keen to join 😊

I can start this off. An international community sounds great to me as well, the more diversity, the better! Right now we have travelbugwithadd and ServiceSloth , and "three's a crowd" as they say! What are your preferred modes of communication? email/whatsapp?

Skype/Zoom I‘d say

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ServiceSloth in reply to pragman

Thank you pragman: Email is (provided if we still do this) for initial communication about it and eventually Zoom for the support group. Whatsapp groups take up a lot on my phone and can be annoying in the immediacy required.

I agree International can be wonderful.

When we do meetings by a 730 am Pacific/930 am Central/1030 am Eastern time slot, we are able to accomodate the 330-430pm for Europe. Just a suggestion.

Also I would love to use the actual 12 Steps - reasons for this are 2-fold. 1) as ADHD's we will not have to accumulate any stress over having to reinvent this particular wheel. 2) the steps work.

If we forego steps and just want to share, I can help create some structure as I do facilitate circles that allow for Meditation, journaling prompts and time to share. And we rotate leadership - every week, every month, every couple of months. Its a beautiful thing, 12 step groups. This could really help a lot of people, guys!!! Excited!

Hi all. Replying to the request for support groups for ADHD. Our CHADD affiliate in New Jersey (TRI CHADD NJ) accepts anyone from anywhere who is living with ADHD and is over 18. (Our Parents and Families group meets separately.) We meet online through Zoom once a month, usually on the second Monday of the month. We are a compassionate, accepting, insightful bunch of adults with ADHD ranging in age from 20 to 87. We have been meeting for over ten years. We share the journey and provide feedback if you want. Mostly we experience relief in knowing that others have had similar experiences because of ADHD.... previously we thought we were alone. You can find us on Meetup:

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pragman in reply to Lindavee88

That's great, I sent a request to join there. I assume its open to folks outside of the US as well

Yes as far as I know you can join our online meetings from overseas as long as you have Zoom. Look forward to talking with you at a meeting!

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