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ADD coach a good idea or not?

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An ADD coach might be helpful. How do I access one?

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Definitely!! I’ve used one before, super helpful. Just Google to find ADHD coaches or ask for recommendations.

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milestogo in reply to DW44

I tried a google search. I am so overwhelmed by my search, I went to CHADD site and got confused - either I had to weed through every coach in the country or all services in my area.

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DW44 in reply to milestogo

I understand how too many options is overwhelming!! I’m not from America so I can’t help you find someone, but what I would say is you don’t need to find the best/ perfect ADHD coach, you just someone who’s qualified and seems like someone you could work with. That’s better than not getting an ADHD coach at all, wouldn’t you agree?

I asked my counselor about coaching for my son (he and I both have it). Her response: coaches can be expensive and are not required to have any real training.

Disclaimer: I'm new and haven't tried a coach. I go to an LCSW. I've gotten very good counseling and coaching from her. But true first counselor I went to wasn't helpful.

Either way, shop around and make sure they're a good fit.

I used this website to find my coach:

You can set up a consult and the person you meet with will send you a list of a few coaches who may fit your needs/what you struggle with along with who may be a good fit personality wise. Then I was able to have an initial meeting with each coach to talk about treatment. Strongly recommend if you don’t know where to start! When I met for the initial consult (before meeting the coaches), I was told that all of the coaches in the directory are people she’d recommend to her own family. So I felt really good about her opinion and recommendations!

Ok,,Will try this site, adhddiectory thanks

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