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Working/ studying from home

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How do you do it?? I've just started a full time course and it's almost all online. I am so slow at completing the work, get distracted easily, and can't sit still. How do you physically do it? Any tips appreciated.

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Hi, I have a professional license where I am required to take a certain number of CEUs to maintain it. I have been trying and flailing and failing to get through these classes.I'm fairly interested in the course but for the life of me I can't make it 5 minutes before I have 5 windows open and I'm checking out God knows what. I just started back on meds and I'm able to knock out 45 minutes a day. My therapist suggested my goal should be 120 minutes a day broken into 20 minute sessions with 10 minute breaks. That's possible (on meds) though I haven't made it yet.

Anyways my tip is to try pomodoro technique where you do the work for 25 minutes and then mandatory 5-10 minute break and then 25 minutes then break. Play focus music (via YouTube ie binaural beats) and like I said meds really help me. Also a body double can be helpful. That is someone who can be with you virtually or IRL studying alongside you. It is shown to help people with ADHD. There is a body double group on add dot org

Hey there, I just graduated from college (goodbyeee zoom university) and this year was the absolute worse so I understand how frustrated you must feel. I did not enjoy it at all, but there was a few random things i found that helped me that i figured id share.

First working out before class was a lifesaver. I like to do long runs to get my fidgety energy out before having to sit for 3 hours classes. also the perks of being online is that you dont have to spend so long getting all nicely dressed and ready after. Exercise is also really good for keeping the brain sharp. But I also know thats not always possible and i definitely wasnt running everyday lol but even just some jumping jacks or a quick cardio routine could help.

Not sure if youre required to have your camera on or not but some days id do yoga during my classes (lol) and i think just the practice of focusing on my breath helped me listen better. My brother also really likes his standing desk, but i found it to be kind of annoying after like 10 minutes.

Taking written notes suckssss but it helps with memory, and also gives you something to do and it helped me not get as distracted being on the computer. Also you could get some fidget toys, i keep seeing sponsored posts for some but never tried them myself lol.

One of my biggest life savers tho was putting in one airpod to just listen to background music. I have the worst sensory processing so hearing all the noises going on in my house and outside would drive me crazy when i was trying to pay attention so some light music helped me drown it out while still being able to listen to class.

In terms of doing homework, break it up into the smalllest parts that you can. Stuff like download the assignment, read 5 pages, draft that email, learn one topic you need to know and teach it to your mom, make a quizlet if you have to memorize stuff. ADHD minds lack the reward receptor in our brains for completing basic tasks, so we gotta find ways to reward ourselves and make life a game!

Last thing i can remember was when I was a student i was taking 5 classes, 2 of which were kind of easy, knock-off core classes so I would allow myself one class per week to just kinda zone out and multitask on other work. That also helped me feel less guilty for not paying attention lol. Just make sure you plan ahead that you can risk zoning out lol

Thats all i can think of right now, sorry my reply was probably all over the place but its an adhd forum after all 🤷🏼‍♀️

Wishing you the best of luck! Let me know if i can help in anyway 😊

I struggled a lot with online classes. The best thing that worked for me was going to coffee shops all around town. The change of scenery kept it fresh and interesting. I could be at one for hours. The noise of everything around me would blend together as white noise, oddly soothing. I found that being able to listen in on anything precisely bothered me like crazy. Say someone at home doing basically anything. Working in public helped keep me accountable. I didn’t want to be someplace watching tv or dozing off. The experience of having to get ready, drive somewhere and be present really is what got me through.

Good luck!!!

Have you ever heard of body doubling? You join a group or ask a friend to just sit (virtually) with you while you are working so you aren't alone. I'm going to try it. Also, I set an alarm for 30 min intervals and take food, stretch, walk breaks in between. I also started a book called "Driven to Distraction" That has tips. Have you thought about an ADHD coach? Here's an article about body doubling:

Heres the body doubling group I am going to try free for a week then I think it's $10 per month:

Let me know what other things you come up with as I work from home and am trying to get my business off the ground!!

My tip is body doubling. I usually do this with my boyfriend who lives in a different city. I video call him and tell him to ignore me and mute me if needed. But seeing him sitting and working helps me sit and work. There are apparently apps that allow you to do this anonymously too with strangers.

Online courses are really difficult for me. Before I knew I had ADHD, I would sign up for them and then not do them, and then I would feel terribly guilty and/or ashamed, and that would make it even harder. Have you spoken to your instructor to find out if they can help you? They might have experience and tips. Also, does the school have counselors and/or therapists for students? Someone also suggested to me to look into a life coach with experience with ADHD.

I wish you success with your class!

I have to take a light load (6-9 credits) and my brain likes to hyper focus on one class one week and the other the other week. Back and forth. I’m in upper level classes (Junior) and I know I need to start taking 12-15+ credit hours soon, but I’m really not sure how to juggle everything. Here are my best tips.

1) write down a list of all deadlines for each class.

2) Then put them 1 week earlier in the calendar. 3) Then break down any big projects/papers/assignments even if you don’t know enough about them - your brain will be learning a lot and as you get more information you will be able to fill in the blanks on any assignments/projects. Review all assignments and projects weekly to add information and keep updated on due dates (that you set for 1 week earlier than due!).

4) set a date for rough drafts being “due” as if the teacher wants it handed in.

5) force yourself to believe the dates you set are the actual deadlines!

6) If you are in a writing class, set the deadlines even earlier and schedule with the writing center early enough that they can give you pointers. Seriously improved my grades!

This way I trick my brain into doing the project before the final second it’s due. Then I take a deep breath and have time to edit/polish over the next week. I still hand everything in at the last possible moment, actually 1 hour before it’s due because I’ve had computer failures in the past, but can get a file to another location if the power goes out or internet fails.

I hate schedules and routines, but school demands you keep on top of everything, so make sure you have a schedule near and check it every day.

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