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sitting down and working problem

Hi Friends,

I have adult adhd and am about to start a job where I will be working from home and sitting a lot. That is hard for me to do. For me it is more sitting down and getting things done more than time management. I started on Wellbutrin that didn't work before but seems to be working some now. I also have anxiety that may make things difficult as well. Any ideas. Has anyone found any medication or something that helps them stay put and get work done? thanks.

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Ritalin..... only thing that did the triple whammy for me

Adhd,anxiety and bipolar under control xx

Well done for starting a new job I know how hard that must of been to comprehend I’m envious ❤️ xxx


Hi, That's awesome that Ritalin helps you. I tried all the stimulant meds and none of them worked. Wellbutrin seems to be helping some so I am encouraged. thanks, Mark


Like I say to my mental health nurse Ritalin is like the Ferrari of meds it works fast stops suddenly

Nothing else works really

Horrible ain’t it


Triple whammy. That sounds promising. Which do you find helps best..a long acting or short acting version of Ritalin?


It is when nothing else works........and you still have to deal with stuff


Short!!! The long lasting was like a placebo I had to take 20ml every 3 hours to feel full effect but it worked as long as it doesn’t have chance to leave your system it works like a magic cure,

I tried concerta & mediknet (sp) didn’t even feel any affect but short acting Ritalin like I say the Ferrari of meds.... only think that levelled me and without them I’m like a caged zoo monkey 😬

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As strange as it may sound...some people sit on a Thera ball while working..typing..researching...because you get to move while working. Some use a stand up desk...which also helps...some me...are visual-kinesthetic we like to be active..and it really helps to move while working or studying.


Thanks for the ideas. I will be working at a computer so will have limited ability to move. Just started Wellbutrin and it is helping with organization and depression so hoping it will be enough to sit and working along with daily exercise and maybe an anxiety med as that is an issue too and believe that performance anxiety will be an issue at least at first until I see myself succeeding. Talking to my doc. on Wednesday.


If my work is interesting it will be easier as well. I can sit and do some things pretty easily.


Hello, I couldnt take meds. However this has helped me to thrive.

Daily plan with work and rest planned to the minute.

Planned meditation morning , lunch and before sleep.

Planned planning sessions morning and evening.

Forgiving myself when I fail to follow the plan.


I love the plan and at times it has worked for me. Hardest thing I struggle with is... how do you forgive yourself and not beat yourself up when you fail to follow the plan? The cycle of not being able to follow the plan, beating myself up, feeling crappy about myself, which makes it harder for me to follow the plan, so I beat myself up... on and on again. How do you manage to forgive yourself if you can't do everything by your plan?


I know this post is a year old now, and I hope things are going well working from home. I'd tried doing the work-from-home for about 4 years -so It's clearly not impossible to do, but I opted to switch back to working on-site. I would completely lose control of my day w/o the "metronome" of others to help me keep my pace, and "snap out" of getting lost in distraction. I still struggle a great deal -even in a formal work environment. If you've adopted skills and found successes on the past year I'd be interested in knowing more. I wish I could offer more insight myself.


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