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Feeling overwhelmed

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Since Covid hit, I've been feeling very overwhelmed. I feel like I can't get myself back into a routine of any sort and things just pile up. I have very little motivation and really have to push myself to do basic things. Pre-covid, I didn't struggle this badly (only when I was feeling depressed). I don't feel sad or depressed, just stuck in a rut. Anyone else?

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Yeah, I can relate.I think the world is processing a collective trauma right now and many of us who haven't lost close loved ones etc. have underestimated how much it's affected us. Perhaps we ADHDers, often being more emotionally wired than others, are more prone to be affected?

Also I'm wondering if having to scale down our activities and ambitions due to these lockdowns and the increased risks of living life out there has created lazy habits that we need to un-learn - which we may find harder as we're more easily overwhelmed (I live in a near-constant state of overwhelm most of the time anyway!)

I'm just trying to go easy on myself, take it one step at a time and just try to do the one thing in front of me (which is always a struggle!).

Maybe it's like building up a muscle - it takes time and repetition to rebuild your strength after a long period of inactivity.

I can definitely see this as a "thing." Before everything, we would go to parks, bike, hike etc. Then suddenly *wham* - nothing. The whole family dove into video games (more than before) and I feel like we're all stuck in that loop of not socializing and playing Animal Crossing 🤣

Even with adhd, we are still social creatures.

I remember seeing a lot of those tiktok / instagram jokes with introverts under covid. I think those are half truths. While you would think that solitude in this manner would be helpful to us, in the long run we are also sensitive to the effect is has on everyone else.

And we are also somewhat dependant on social initiative from others, which is something that really got damaged during covid. It's like we forgot how to be together and we have to relearn.

And to be honest, if you were home officed, I bet your routine got a lot more simple didn't it? Compared to before.

We were all in a rush to get everything done and that alone would have kept the energy levels of everyone high.

I think we have to hang in there, then the norm will return. But yeah... it's tough.

I already was permanently working from home, so that didn't change much. What did change was having everyone else home WITH me - oy. But I do relate to the "rush to get everything done," aside from that face lot due to extra curricular activities, mine and my husband's own activities etc. We are an ADHD/ASD family (4/4 of us with both) and were always doing something. When that craziness stopped and I was forced to slow down, the executive dysfunction set in and well .. the rest is history.

You are not alone I can relate a lot to this. I feel stuck and don’t know how to get unstuck. Lack of reliable childcare and not being on meds is probably contributing a lot to this but also I do therapy once a week and I do my best and it never feels like enough. It’s affecting my job as well. I’ve been reprimanded already and I fear I’m at risk of losing my job. It makes me wonder if I’m competent at all or is my adhd so bad it’s a work disability? Idk I’m sorry I went on a tangent there but what I mean to say with this is that you r not alone and I think the pandemic just made things harder for many of us. Seek as much support as you can! You deserve it

First, big hugs. Second, I know what it's like to constantly get talked to, which is why I work from home permanently. If that's not an option, being authentic and transparent about your ADHD with your employer would shed light on some of the behaviors they see. Also, making it known can protect you because if you get fired, there's always that chance you could take legal action based on a disability. I hope things get better for you 🙂

Try an outdoor hobby where you can have safer fun. Mine is golf. I carry hand cleaner with me and use a mask when inside of the clubhouse. Take lessons (outdoors of course) and you and the instructor wear masks. It is a social sport. I make lists of things to do and try to complete one or more a day. Reward yourself after you complete one. I got depressed when I got a toxic supervisor at work and retired after 20 years with a virtual retirement party. I feel cheated about not getting the closure I needed but cannot change the fact that I cannot have an in-person party at work. That supervisor is still there in spite of being investigated for their hostile management style. I had planned an overseas tour right after retirement but had to cancel due to COVID; still don't feel safe to go to Germany now. My inattentiveness has been costly; needless injuries (nearly lost a finger in a lawn mower when in a hurry to clear a wire that got stuck on ONE of the two blades, could not recall words of songs since teen years (am 69) unless I listened to the song repeatedly, had to study longer and harder to memorize material, wife gets mad at me for forgetting to get things at the store or miss the details of an item she requests, poor at organizing events, struggle with clutter, on and on.

My Lexapro and Teledoc counseling are helpful. I hope you seek out counseling at a local mental health clinic or private provider. The MHC should see you no matter your income or lack thereof. My dog has also been inspiring me to walk more and brings a smile to my face several times a day.

All I can really say is, “You're not alone. Very not alone.”

It's been kicking my ADHD arse essentially for the last year and a half—all the more because I'm no introvert.

I've come to resent all the praise for working from home, because it has been a complete disaster for me: worst productivity in my entire life--including childhood!

Yes I have felt overwhelmed most of covid and I never really could understand why. I think I am having problems because all I do is talk to people on the phone and I can’t see their faces. It makes me nervous because I have a hard time understanding peoples intent when I just hear their voices. I need the feedback from their facial expression to understand if what I just said is on track. So I’m extra nervous all the time and I think that has led to feelings of being overwhelmed.

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