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Adderal to Vyvanse changeover issues

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I have been on Adderal XR 15mg for 2 weeks, and just switched today to Vyvanse 30mg. I was extremely sedated once it kicked in (much like my first ever Adderal dose ) and through the day have been feeling fatigued, generally crappy, and increasingly depressed and anxious... Anyone else?

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Yes. I am on both I take adderal 30 mg and 70 mg vyvanse. At first vyvanse made me alert and focused but I find that sometimes it brings me down. So I take 30 mg adderall first thing in the morning and when I feel myself getting stuck or unproductive I pop in 70 mg of vyvanse around 11ish. Then I take another adderal 30mg 2ish. It helps me fulfill my day. I must say I am dependent on it to work.

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Thank you for responding! I think I just don’t metabolize Vyvanse correctly. It threw me into a really dark place... back on my regular Adderal XR today and doing much better.

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Everyone substance is different. But I understand. Good luck

You mentioned fatigue on your first ever Adderall dose - I'm on my first day of Adderall today (10mg XR) and all it's done so far is made me really sleepy. Does this change in your experience?

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Cljm in reply to courtm187

Hi! Actually the fatigue was referring to my Vyvanse... I had to give that up and have gone back to Adderal XR. Regardless, my first Adderal dose ever was very calming and sedating... but absolutely that has worn off as my body has learned what to expect. Give it a little time ❤️❤️

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courtm187 in reply to Cljm

Oh wow that’s super helpful thank you!

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